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U.S. Embassy Lisbon Leads Eco-Friendly Initiative

The U.S. Embassy Lisbon has inspired local businesses like Shuttle Direct to establish a green initiative and reduce their carbon footprint.


Lisbon, Portugal -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2013 -- A new trend in luxury travel, staying eco-friendly has become a must for tourism companies that wish to remain relevant in these modern times. Consideration for the Earth has evolved to be an integral part in decisions made by companies associated with travel and the people who use them.

The United States Embassy in Lisbon has begun to implement greener practice in their every day services. With an employee committee dedicated to eco-friendly initiatives, the U.S. Embassy has become a leader in energy efficiency practices. The Embassy has set an example for businesses looking to impress clients with their minimal carbon footprint.

Embassy Lisbon is a founding member of the League of Green Embassy’s and continues to encourage all of its employees and local businesses to be conscious of what they are putting out into the world. Business Shuttle Direct is one of the many travel companies who have been inspired to engage in greener every day practices.

With over a 100 different locations, Shuttle Direct businessman Bruno Calzaverini encourages travellers to use the shuttle services from airports to their destinations as a way to save money and the Earth simultaneously. “People still want the luxury of private transport, and the shuttle is an affordable and safe way of getting to places people find attractive,” raves Calzaverini. By reducing the number of cars on the road, there are less carbon dioxide emissions and

This formerly niche market has become a priority for travel companies. Shuttle Direct is one of hundreds of companies who seek out eco-friendly innovations and have been inspired by the U.S. Embassy’s initiative to reduce their carbon footprint. Becoming eco-friendly is a must have attribute for companies looking to modernize and attract a broader audience of customers.

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