US in Store & in Home Tech Support Coming via Techvedic Technologies PVT LTD Delhi


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- The successful on-demand technical support provider, Techvedic Technologies Private Limited Delhi, has announced the February 01, 3013 launch into the US market of its popular In Store and In Home services.

At present, In Store services are only available in Reno, Nevada. However, Techvedic Technologies PVT LTD has plans to eventually cover all important regions within the country in order to provide better service to their customers. Those with technology knowledge who might be interested in available jobs at this Techvedic Technologies Private Limited address or others that will eventually be established can find more info at or by contacting them through Techvedic Technologies LinkedIn.

The In Store version of the launch entails addressing critical hardware issues by providing maintenance and repair services on demand to customers. The projected benefit of this service for customers is that they can obtain expert service when running short on time and without requiring an appointment. Techvedic Technologies PVT LTD Delhi also looks to ship printers, desktop computers, laptops, and other items from sales made through their blossoming e-commerce division.

“We are prepared to meet customer demands by further customizing the delivery methods of our expanding services,” says Managing Director of Techvedic Technologies Private Limited Delhi, Anurag Sharma, of the Tech Support and Marketing Division who also adds, “We seek to nurture a tech support platform that listens to customer needs and is responsive to the delivery of their requirements.”

Sumit Ruhela, Business Development Vice President for Techvedic Technologies Private Limited Delhi commenting on the quality of their shipped products said, “We only ship products to our customers that have been both reviewed and certified by our expert Techvedic Lab.” Mr Ruhela went on to add that customers can also request CD/DVD format delivery of downloaded software or applications from their online stores.

Mr Ruhela also implied that the company had plans of expanding their stores and service centers into the UK and Canada markets as well. Those looking for tech support jobs in these countries can visit the company website or contact them through Techvedic Technologies LinkedIn to see if the desired Techvedic Technologies PVT LTD address is one planned for entry.

About Techvedic
Within a short four years, Techvedic has grown from a modest on-demand tech support company in 2009 to a leading global provider that currently services more than 75,000 satisfied customers. Techvedic is constantly seeking to improve and expand its services and interaction with its worldwide customers.

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