US Land Grid, Inc.

US Land Grid Offers Land Grid, by the County and on-Demand, in Multiple File Formats


Littleton, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Do anyone ever need to spot wells or leases based on footage calls? Without the XY locations and a smart grid file this can be a pretty daunting task. For some of us this is going to be old hat, while for others it might save a ton of time.

Time and time again, we see GeoGrahix and Petra users downloading shapefiles, and shapefiles only. First of all... we provide multiple formats for no extra cost. It's always a good idea to select shapefiles and the format which is native to mapping application. For GeoGraphix choose CDF as well (or PRA - T/R Digitizer format), and for Petra, choose PRA (T/R Digitizer).

One of the best things about these two mapping programs (from a GIS perspective) is how they automap batch footage calls for well spots and leases. one can't do this with a shapefile. everyone will need their native file format. Once they have their PRA or CDF files load them into the land grid database within their mapping program. Within that database everyone should see fields populated that include Meridian, Township, Township direction, etc.

Now have a smart land grid database loaded.

Everyone can now batch spot their wells or leases (PLSS states only - Texas is another article!) from a spreadsheet or from with their mapping program. If anyone is a GeoGraphix or Petra user - when acquiring land grid data, think of shapefiles as visualization only. CDF or PRA (T/R Digitizer files) are going to be smart grid or One grid database files. Everyone can still use the shapefiles them acquired for the display layer as some people find the labeling to be more appealing. In other words, get both file formats if possible.

US Land Grid offers land grid, by the county and on-demand, in multiple file formats. Please contact us if anyone has any questions or visit our website ( if One would let to buy or sample some of our smarter grid files.