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U.S. Legacy Celebrates National Home Improvement Month

NARI and U.S. Legacy Team Up to Advise Homeowners on Possible Projects


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- In many ways, owning your own home is a symbol of success, a benchmark that demonstrates a particular level of accomplishment in life. It can therefore be easy for homeowners to become complacent with the setup of their home, and neglect to seek ways to improve their living situation. Home improvement is easier and more varied today than ever, with experts having discovered countless ways to make homes more energy efficient, safer, and easier to maintain. May is National Home Improvement Month and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and U.S. Legacy Co. are celebrating the month by offering homeowners advice on how to get started on their next remodeling project. Spring is a great time for a revival, a renewal, a renovation for a once illustrious home.

The professional remodeling contractors at U.S. Legacy Co. specialize in helping customers plan potential projects. They work closely with homeowners to outline options and discuss improvements that fit within a given budget. Careful planning of home improvement projects enables people to update their home, increase the value of their investment and customize their living spaceā€”all for much less than the cost of a new home.

Finding a qualified professional remodeling contractor does not have to be a difficult task. Interested parties can begin by searching the National Association of the Remodeling Industry at http://www.nari.org/. From there, customers can search by zip code and by specialty. "The more knowledgeable and prepared a homeowner is, the more they protect themselves," says Roman Rusev, Principal at U.S. Legacy.

"Our goal is always to provide strategic leadership, planning, and operational support to our clients. You are our top priority. When considering renovation, new construction or operational services, we prefer to be there every step of the way," commented Rusev. He continued, saying, "Our personal best is not achieved until our clients are satisfied with the project or property. When it comes to progress, we'll show you what we've accomplished instead of just sending over reports that lack true results."

About U.S. Legacy Co.
U.S. Legacy Co. began in 2004 with the goal of providing leadership, planning, and operational support to clients by way of their experienced team of experts. As a company, they boast numerous master planners, engineers, surveyors, architects, technicians, and landscape professionals replete with knowledge and industry know-how to ensure the job gets done on time, every time. They pride themselves on being equipped to handle every aspect of real estate development, including identifying locations, redevelopment plans, new construction, renovation, restoration and more.