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US Logic Offers Customers Affordable Customizable Third Party Maintenance Contracts This October


Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- US Logic is a Hamilton, New Jersey-based hardware and storage service firm. They offer customizable third party maintenance and support contracts to organizations utilizing multiple hardware platforms and products in their production data center environments.

Cutting costs while simultaneously meeting the demands of running a successful business is one of the biggest hurdles for IT teams. Over half of IT budgets consist of maintenance and support contracts. US Logic brings to market a global, Gartner rated third party maintenance and support solution that can save organizations 20% - 60% vs the OEM.

When a company procures technology from an Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, the hardware purchased typically comes standard with three years of maintenance and support. At the end of three years, companies are forced into either renewing their OEM contract, or upgrading their systems. However, US Logic provides a third option for this dilemma: Third Party Maintenance.

US Logic charges their customers what they deserve to be charged for support and maintenance, instead of having flat fees and different levels of support. They offer equal if not better service than their previous providers as well. Say goodbye to having multiple tedious contracts from different OEMs, because US Logic provides support for all major server, storage, and network platforms.

US Logic’s engineers receive identical tests, training and certification to those working for individual OEMs. They will assist with conglomerating all of a firm’s hardware support and maintenance contracts into one simple measure. This provides cost reduction and decreases the amount of administrative time spent juggling between OEMs for necessary services.

Simply put, US Logic’s Third Party Maintenance decreases expenditure and has no hidden costs. They provide individually constructed contracts where businesses only pay what they need to pay. Their service is responsive and personalized. They won’t try to endlessly market add-ons and upgrades to their clients—they leave the decisions to the company itself.

Contact US Logic today for refurbished Cisco products in PA and refurbished Hitachi hardware in PA

They also offer service and support for EMC, Hitachi, Sun, IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, Juniper, F5 and more. Reach them at 877-298-3069 or visit them on the web or at their office in Hamilton, New Jersey.

About US Logic
US Logic has been providing the best data center solutions in the industry for over 15 years for Fortune 1000 Companies in almost every industry vertical. Through an objective approach, clients are able to develop a plan of action to maximize cost savings, while strengthening their existing practices. By working directly with OEM’s and available OEM sponsored programs, US Logic is able to provide clients with the best possible options and pricing for success. The company offers a wide selection of new and recertified products from such leading names in the industry as: Cisco, EMC, Sun, Hitachi, IBM, HP, DELL, Juniper, F5, QLogic, Emulex, Dataram, Kingston and more.

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