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U.S. Man's New Book Exposes How Women Must Adapt for Men Not to Cheat

While many state that the onus is on men not to cheat, K.L Horsley’s interviews with thousands of males uncovered a myriad of things that women can undertake in order to keep their men faithful. Having identified seven ‘most effective’ strategies, Horsley has compiled them into a powerful new book to give all women relationship-saving insight from a rare male perspective.


Duluth, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- Having seen their relationship rapidly destruct through cheating, many women are left asking what they perceive to be an impossible question; “what could I have done differently?”. However, a ground-breaking new book by one of the nation’s top relationship coaches proves that there are concrete ways any woman can use to stop their man from cheating – seven, in fact.

Everything is exposed in K.L. Horsley’s ‘How to Master the 7 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Man From Cheating’. Compiled after interviewing thousands of men who have cheated, the book proves that all women have an opportunity to be the ‘perfect’ partner and keep their man on the straight and narrow.

“While most women blame men solely for cheating, they too hold some responsibility,” admits Horsley. “There are things they can learn and practice to keep their man faithful – and my book bares all. I’m passionate about decreasing the destruction that cheating creates in a committed relationship, leading most to be destroyed irreparably. Thankfully, women can stop this pattern of behavior by adjusting their own.”

The book’s seven methods of prevention are directly derived from Horsley’s field interviews. They are ‘Communicating With Your Man’, Sex With Your Man’, ‘Your Appearance For Your Man’, ‘Being Interested In Your Man’, ‘Cooking For Your Man’, ‘Giving Your Man – Space’ and ‘Never Stop Dating Your Man’.

“Women urgently need vital insight from the male perspective, hence why this book couldn’t have been released at a better time. After the deed has been done and women are left to pick up the pieces, they often ask what they could have done to prevent their man’s infidelity. It’s not a tough or impossible question as I can now provide the answers,” Horsley adds.

To date, the book has been received very well by women from all walks of life. For example, business owner Evette Ingram comments, “After reading this book it really helped me gain more insight of effective ways to keep my man from cheating as well as looking at things from a different aspect. Every WOMAN should read the book.”

Quieonna Renee adds “This book is amazing and it has helped my relationship out a lot. I would recommend this book to all WOMEN it is a must read.”

Serving up transformative conventional and spiritual guidance, all women are urged to purchase their copies today.

‘How to Master the 7 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Man From Cheating’ is available now. For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.howtokeepyourmanfrom-cheating.com.

About K. L. Horsley
K. L. Horsley is an Author, Relationship Coach & Motivational Speaker

His sole mission is to empower WOMEN with the necessary tools and insight, which will allow them to know what MEN truly want in a MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP.

KL is a native of New York but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked at a Major Publishing Company for several years. It was at this publishing company where he developed a passion for writing. The idea of writing his first eBook began a few years ago. He wanted to put his life experiences to print after travelling the WORLD.