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U.S. Man's New Book Exposes Vital 'First Step' to Transformative Life Change. Take a Journey from Suffering to Growth…

Written from the heart by Dean Knight, ‘First Step’ recounts the author’s tumultuous journey from the gates of prison to the floodgates of positive change. While millions struggle to change that one aspect of life or themselves that they yearn for, Knight’s own journey from adversity to triumph has uncovered the vital first step to a new life. For those who read this book, that same change could be just a few page-turns away.


Bowling Green, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Like many, Dean Knight once found himself at the gates of prison and trapped in a viscous circle of despair. However, unlike many, Knight was able to uncover that first step to affecting transformative life change. In his compelling new book, Knight divulges his strategy so that others can deploy it with gusto.

Everything is exposed in ‘First Step’, a deeply-personal book that is as moving as it as uplifting.


In each of our lives there is something we wish to change within ourselves. It may be to conquer an addiction, It may be to improve a relationship with a loved one.

It may be something as simple as losing weight. But in most cases we have failed to change that certain something with every attempt.

Take a journey with a man who overcame an adversity of issues in his life to change into the man he truly wanted to become... and all by taking a simple first step of faith. This book "First Step" will lead you to the path of change.

”While it’s easy to say you’ll change your life, putting those changing into action takes sheer guts, risk and a whole load of faith,” admits Knight. “However, nobody can pursue this bold endeavor until they understand and accept a simple concept. The problem is that most will never discover exactly what this concept is.”

Continuing, “The great thing about my story is that I’m not approaching it from the angle of a so-called expert or scientist. Rather, I have lived my strategy in raw grassroots fashion. Going through it personally is always a lot more authoritative as I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into following my heart. I had to suffer before I grew but, in doing so, discovered the secrets of life that we all knew but were unable to access as they have been hidden in our minds since birth.”

Due to the success of this first book, Knight has recently announced that it will form the first volume of a five-part series.

“My personal journey has taken me many places and I still have plenty of wisdom to share. Buy this book now and prepare yourself for four other volumes that will propel your potential and achievements to levels beyond your wildest dreams,” he adds.

‘First Step’, published by Ploutos Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/UuOvCL.

About Dean Knight
The author lives in southern Kentucky where he is writing the second book in The First Step series. He has two children and two dogs, all of whom encourage him to be a better person in life and keep him busy when he is not writing.