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Bangalore, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2017 -- General Report Contents

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Although many methods for bone reconstruction exist, they all have specific indications and limitations. guided bone regeneration (GBR), which uses a bioabsorbable or non-resorbable membrane that acts as a barrier to prevent soft-tissue invasion into the defect and forms a 'chamber' to 'guide' the bone regeneration process is also used for bone reconstruction. Several requirements are necessary for a collagen barrier membrane to fulfill the desired role in guided bone regeneration procedures.

The membrane must be able to exclude fibrous connective tissue, protect the graft from the oral environment for an extended time, and contain the chosen graft material. Findings early on revealed that by excluding fibrous connective tissue, a favorable environment for osteoblastic activity was created. Since then, research has shown that the protection provided by a barrier membrane results in a highly significant increase in bone regeneration. The technique of GBR using a thin membrane to surround and isolate long regions of missing bone, or gaps, in injured and diseased bones can significantly improve the amount, the quality, and the contour of the desired bone healing.

Many bone grafting procedures are successfully performed without the use of barrier membranes, but a majority of dental professionals feel that dental membranes increase grafting success rates and the volume of bone formed. The costs associated with using a dental membrane during a bone grafting procedure are considerable, especially when added to the cost of the bone grafting procedure. With the growing demand for dental implant therapy, the increased number of patients needing guided bone regeneration demands that a clinician have an option for a predictable, high quality, barrier membrane for guided bone and tissue regeneration. For this reason, some dental professionals believe that dental membranes should be used only in more difficult cases where a large volume of bone regeneration is required.

Barrier membranes are a critical component to regeneration therapy and are aimed at restoring the form and function of the mouth. Commercially available on the market, barrier membranes function in dental surgeries to help retain bone grafting materials, to exclude epithelium and connective tissue from entering into sites of desired bone and ligament regeneration, or for the combination of these reasons. Whether restoring lost bone around teeth or implants, or in larger areas of the jaws affected by trauma or disease, too often there is inadequate gingival tissue to cover the membranes, leading to membrane exposure, extensive membrane contamination and procedural failure, which is unacceptable.

Spanning over 237 pages "US Market Report for Dental Barrier Membranes 2017 - MedCore" report covers Executive Summary, Research Methodology, Disease Overview, Product Assessment, Dental Barrier Membrane Market, Appendix. This Report Covered Companies Few Are - Geistlich, Zimmer Biomet, Ace Surgical, Biohorizons, Tissue Banks, Osteogenics, Lifenet Health, Dentsply Sirona, Salvin, Straumann, Osteohealth.

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