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US Market Report for Urological Endoscopes 2016; New Report Launched

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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2016 -- Urological endoscopes are long tube-like instruments used in a number of urological procedures to examine inside the body or perform minimally invasive surgery. Urological endoscopes include cystoscopes for endoscopy of the urinary bladder, ureteroscopes for examining the ureter, resectoscopes used in transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) and nephroscopes used to examine the kidneys.

Endoscopes generally comprise of a telescope, sheath and bridge. As the outer portion of the endoscope, the sheath houses the working channels from which instruments such as laser fibers are passed through the endoscope. The bridge creates a watertight connection between the telescope and sheath. Bridges can have side-arms to introduce instruments and deflecting bridges can be placed into sheaths for the use of flexible instruments. The telescope carries the fiber-optic illuminating system which transmits from eyepiece to lens. Endoscopes are connected to light sources and equipment such as video cameras. In turn a video monitor displays the images during endoscopic procedures and can be attached to recording devices. Advances in endoscopes include: lighter and more compact models; digital rather than fiber-optic systems which produce clearer images; flexible endoscopes which are able to reach parts of the body which rigid endoscopes cannot; and accessories or equipment which improve the convenience of using endoscopes (for example endoscopes with built-in filters for laser procedures). Unless otherwise specified, this report refers to a new unit sold as all components that are required to perform a procedure and in general refurbished units concentrate on the telescope component.

The urological endoscope market is comprised of rigid and flexible cystoscopes, semi-rigid and flexible ureteroscopes, rigid resectoscopes and rigid nephroscopes. This report includes the sale of new endoscopes as well as refurbished or repaired units. The refurbished endoscope market in this report refers to units that undergo maintenance or repair and includes repairs made by third-party re-processors.

Spanning over 99 pages "US Market Report for Urological Endoscopes 2016 - MedCore" report covers Executive Summary, Research Methodology, Urological Endoscope Market. The report covered companies are - Olympus, Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Endocure, Sopro-Comeg, Stahl Endoscopy, Stryker

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