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U.S. Preacher Releases World's First Book on Ignored Yet Ultimate Key to All Success - Understanding

Masterfully researched and written by Shane Wall, ‘Understanding: All Success is Attained by it’ breaks the boundaries of convention to expose the ‘guaranteed’ facet to all success. Fusing faith with wisdom, Wall shows readers how to embrace understanding so they can increase their confidence, eliminate fears and attract boundless success to all areas of their life. This is a true world-first.


Orangeburg, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2014 -- Success itself transcends any single definition, with people attributing their own or others’ successes to a myriad of different factors. However, preacher Shane Wall has cracked the code of the only guaranteed key to this success – understanding. While it may first sound enigmatic, Wall’s new book exposes the power of understanding and walks readers through deploying it to their own benefit. It’s the only book on this subject ever to have been written.

Everything is exposed in ‘Understanding: All Success is Attained by it’, which transparently showcases why success in life is framed according to how much an individual understands that subject matter.


Just when you thought that every major topic in the Bible had been discovered and exhausted, God unveils yet another. The book enlightens, equips, and empowers its readers with vital components, applicable to any situation, resulting in a joyous ability of consciously knowing how to apply understanding to their lives.

Virtually every facet of understanding is presented in this book: What is Understanding?, How to Get Understanding, The Five Levels of Understanding, The Attractiveness of Understanding, Success from Understanding and so much more is taught using practical real-life stories, including when the author tried to raise his mother from the dead.

Even across religious divides, the Holy Bible is the number one best-selling book of all time, and its contents fully support the message in Understanding.

Not only does this book reveal how we can understand God, but it also reveals how God Himself understands.

Jesus gave Peter Keys to the Kingdom of God, but the knowledge of what the keys are was never revealed until now!

“I can guarantee that people are only successful because of something they understand,” explains Wall. “The problem is that people chase money and status more often than success, and their inability to deploy understanding leads to failure. I am now showing people a way to learn the art of understanding and enjoy the success that will automatically follow.”

Continuing, “The higher we climb the ladder of success, the more we prove that we understand on a greater level. I now take the guesswork out of understanding in a way that can be put into action by people from any background, religion or circumstance.”

Reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Satish Raiborde comments, “I have read the Bible about 208 times in 7 different languages and 88 different translations, yet I am still amazed and awesomely struck by the practical wisdom that is in this book on understanding.”

G. Miki Hayden adds, “Pastor Shane Wall is the real deal. His book is deep and insightful, obviously the result of much prayer and spiritual perception—as well as an intense study of the Bible. Understanding is a wellspring of life to those who have it... Proverbs. And Dr. Wall wants readers to find out how to access this precious gift of the spirit.”

‘Understanding: All Success is Attained by it’ will be published soon and is currently available for pre-ordering. For more information, visit: http://www.understandingnow.com.

About Shane Wall
Having spent hundreds of hours studying the topic of understanding, Shane is an expert on understanding.

Shane Wall was born and resides in Orangeburg, S.C. with his wife Jasmyne. He is the founder and pastor of The Feast of the Lord in Orangeburg, SC. He began ministering the Word of God at fifteen years of age.

He is the author of the book, What Are You Doing After the Dance? He recorded a Gospel CD entitled, Conversations with God. Each song on the CD is written by Shane Wall and reveals sentiments shared by God and by His children.

He formed The Church FM (Fellowship Ministry) for Pastors and their congregations to benefit from the experience he’s gained as a leader in the church and in the community.