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US Preppers Adds More Patriotic Feel to Website


Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2015 -- US Preppers is a website that has been established to help people in the US be prepared for a disaster through their emergency preparedness guides and checklists. The website has recently been updated with a newer, more patriotic theme. The new look features the colors red, white and blue, against a black background creating a signature look preppers in the US will be proud of.

"Preparing for emergencies and any other widespread disasters is exactly what we offer here at USPreppers. We continue to make our website easier to navigate and packed with step-by-step guides, information and advice for everyone from the aspiring prepper just getting started to the veteran trying to stay up to date on the latest strategies or technologies" commented USPreppers representative.

Most preppers agree that their way of approaching and preparing for the future's uncertainties is different from other people perceptive; a prepper's approach to emergency readiness is proactive which requires them to keep all emergency essentials at the ready. In contrast to the reactive approach people have when push comes to push. US Preppers share effective information about the 5 most important components of survival preparations, which are food, water, emergency essentials, technology and finally the economy. Each element has been allotted a separate section on the USPrepper website, where all the guide and checklists.

The food section includes wise food reviews and long term food storage, preppers need to have ample knowledge to keep maintaining their emergency food stockpiles through rotation and also learn the art of choosing the appropriate foodstuffs for bug-outs or sheltering in place and where to store it.

For people who are planning to bug-out and or hit the road would need to plan out their emergency supplies and survival gear differently compared to preppers who plan to stay in one place for shelter, for people on the move US Preppers has provided their readers, the details about the best bug out bag containing all the essential survival gear. The website also features in depth articles about prepper technology including wind and solar power that according to US Prepper should be invested in and built in advance so that the systems can begin saving preppers money from the start and with tax incentives.

About USPreppers
Our mission here at USPreppers is to set you on the best path to preparing you and your family for any given emergency by providing step-by-step methods to achieve the daunting task of surviving when a disaster befalls your community.

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