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US Sewer & Drain Touts the Success of Parker Plaza Rehabilitation Project


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- US Sewer & Drain is pleased to tout the success of its recent Parker Plaza Rehabilitation project. In early 2013, Parker Plaza Condominiums began experiencing major sewer back-ups in their main sewer trunk line, which can be described as the main artery of their sewage system. After experiencing a series of sewer back-up issues, Parker Plaza contacted US Sewer & Drain to diagnose the problem and offer an easy and affordable solution.

Responding to the emergency in an urgent manner, US Sewer & Drain sent an experienced technician to diagnose the cause of the problem by using a robotic sewer camera. The camera was able to discover that a calcium and rust build up had been the cause of the problem. The rust build up had reduced the original 12 inch diameter pipe to a smaller 3 inch diameter opening. The matter only became worse due to the pipe being located directly underneath an 18 inch thick concrete slab that ran from the parking lot to the main entrance of the building. Judging by the company’s experience, US Sewer & Drain recommended a thorough cleaning of the main sewer line, along with installing Cured-In-Place Pipeliner, as an alternative to excavation. US Sewer & Drain put a plan into place to have the pipe surgically cleaned, and immediately thereafter install the CIPP Liner.

By installing a new CIPP Liner, the Parker Plaza Condominium was able to avoid a potentially extensive excavation project. US Sewer & Drain was able to save the condominium time and money. US Sewer & Drain thanked the participating board members of Parker Plaza for being gracious and patient throughout the entire rehabilitation project. Property Manager, Mr. Cal Levy’s efforts were also recognized, helping make the project a success for both parties involved. US Sewer & Drain is also proud of Ruben Santiago, Justin Josiah, Chris Vasquez and other team members for completing another successful project.

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