U.S Shooting Ranges Finds More Women at the Firing Line Than Ever Before - According to Online Gun Retailer

Gun Holsters Unlimited announces a huge influx in orders being shipped to Women. Is the popularity of shooting becoming a true battle of the sexes?


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- According to one U.S gun retailer, shooting is no longer the Male-dominated sport it once was. With their shipments to women dramatically increasing, they believe that the sport is finally seeing the diversity it deserves.

Arthur Rouse – Founder & President of Gun Holsters Unlimited, explains more:

“There is a lot of talk within the shooting arena that more women and girls are getting involved. We’re noticing this change in a big way, as more and more women are placing orders for guns, ammunition and accessories” he says.

In fact, there is some solid research to back what Arthur believes. Research conducted by the National Sporting Goods Association reports that almost double the amount of women are now involved with shooting sports when compared with 2001.

Further to this, a recent Gallup Pole reported that 1 in 4 women now own a gun.

“Social boundaries are vanishing in so many areas, with women becoming more independent, and shooting is no different” adds Arthur, giving his explanation for the rise in female interest.

He continues “Women are now also more interested in protecting themselves, and one way to do so is to own a gun. Getting involved in shooting as a sport is one way to ensure they keep their skills sharp – and hence they utilize online retailers like us to get the supplies they need as fast and as easy as possible.”

Gun Holsters claims to be taking more and more inquiries from women each day – and processing more orders for them than ever before.

“We’re finding that many women, much like their male counterparts, prefer to shop from the privacy of their own homes instead of always running out the gun store, which is often miles away. Companies like ours are seeing our sales to the female demographic shoot through the roof like never before” Arthur concludes.

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