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U.S. Social Marketing Results Coach, Adam Collins Launches 'Social Strategizer' - Revealing How Ethical Entrepreneurs Can Spread Their Message Like Wildfire

Founded by Adam Collins, Social Strategizer™ aims to help heart-centered, ethical entrepreneurs use proven direct response social marketing methods & Facebook advertising to get their message and products out to a waiting world. The website and newsletter are poised to become the perfect playground for global success. To mark the website’s re-launch, Collins is today announcing a powerful free six-part video course on Facebook marketing and an insightful content-rich free report.


Kauai, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- All entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders have one big challenge to overcome: How can they reach more people with their message, build a large following and add more value to people’s lives? Answering that question is founder of Social Strategizer™ - Adam Collins.

Social Strategizer’s effective methods have already been used in multiple industries to help ethical entrepreneurs spread their message and create additional sales.

Using little-known social media methods to grow his Superfood Snacks Inc., Collins took his company from a small-time organic natural food business to a dominant social media leader. Having leveraged Facebook advertising and other forms of social marketing to build a social media fan base, grow a solid brand and attract customers, Collins has launched a new social marketing website and newsletter to help others do the same.

“Social Strategizer™’ isn’t for just anyone,” explains Collins. “This website is for ethical entrepreneurs who want to make an impact, add value, think bigger and create abundance while maintaining honest business practices.”

“There are a ton of entrepreneurs out there with unique gifts to share – especially through products and services that can make a real difference to our world. Social Strategizer™ was built from the ground up to allow these people to get their messages out to the world in a bigger way. It’s all about creating abundance for those who are helping others with their products and services. It’s got to be a win-win all the way around,” Collins believes.

He adds, “Most entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders want to target an ideal audience, build relationships, construct compelling messages and spread them as far and wide as possible. I’ve got years of experience doing this and my success has spawned a lot of fruits for me personally, as well my private coaching clients and mastermind partners. I’m now committed to sharing all I have learned with those who are ready to get their message out to the world in a bigger way, make a positive impact and create abundance.”

To offer initial help, Collins has created a series of free resources listed on the website, along with many more that can be downloaded instantly.

“Firstly, I put together a very powerful report that contains thirteen simple status updates that can quadruple any Facebook page’s engagement rate. There’s no fluff here. These are real example from one of my Facebook fan pages. You can model them for your business. This is a vital part of connecting with a target audience and the report will make a game-changing difference to anyone implementing its strategies.”

He adds, “The second free gift is only available for a limited time. It’s a six-part video training course that shows you exactly how to build your email list right inside of Facebook. Again, the content can make a world of difference to any company’s wider mission and bottom line.”

With the website’s content constantly evolving, entrepreneurs are invited to check back regularly for even more free valuable information.

To find out more about Social Strategizer™, download the 13 status updates free report, get access the free 6 part video course and all the other organized resources, visit: http://www.socialstrategizer.com.

About Adam Collins
Adam “Social Strategizer’ or “Think bigger” Collins is the founder of Social Strategizer where he teaches proven direct response social marketing methods for ethical entrepreneurs. Adam is also the Chief Inspiration Officer at Superfood Snacks Inc.

Adam is passionate and driven about helping other entrepreneurs effectively market their brand or service is an ethical and fun way. Helping others who help others drives him. Seeing his clients get quick results, grow their online or local business and fulfill their mission in life is his mission.