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US Telecom Market 2011: Industry Assessment, Analysis & Forecasts 2020

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- The US Telecom industry is a complex business with numerous segments, which has undergone strong growth over the past ten years. Recent history has manifested significant change with extensive mergers and a rapid flow of technologies supporting faster speeds, broader coverage and expanded market penetration. The next ten years are going to bring with it even more change and challenges. New technologies such as LTE are crowding out old and the industry matures as it approaches maximum market penetration. Repeating the strong growth of the past ten years will be a challenge as mergers yield higher consolidation and concentration of players. Nevertheless, the rapid flow of new technologies and change will continue to grow opportunities and present a stable of opportunities through innovation.

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Revenues across all segments within the industry presently total almost $750 billion and are expected to grow about +3.9% per year through the year 2020 to reach almost $1.2 trillion in revenue. As penetration of a number of Telecom categories reaches over 90%, growth over the next ten years is likely to slow to half the rate of the previous ten years; but the business should add $40 billion per year for the next ten years. This report presents a comprehensive assessment of the industry including financial performance, revenues, subscriptions, market share and key trends for each individual sector.

Table of Contents

1 Section 1: Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Acronyms & Terminology

2 Section 2: US Telecom industry Dimensions & Segments
2.1 Chart of Telecom market segments in the US
2.2 Telecom market segments US Market
2.3 Telecom Industry Revenues & Forecast 2020
2.4 Telecom Industry Segments Revenue & Forecast 2020

3 Section 3: US Wireless Telecom Dimensions & forecast
3.1 Wireless Telecom Dimensions & Forecast 2020
3.2 Wireless Telecom Key Trends & Issues
3.3 US Wireless Telecom Prepaid & Postpaid Subscriber Trends & Forecast 2020
3.4 US Wireless Telecom Prepaid Market Shares 2010
3.5 US Wireless Telecom Mergers & Industry Concentration
3.6 US Wireless Carriers Financial Performance & 2010 Summary Estimates
3.7 Wireless Telecom 2G, 3G & 4G Network Architecture Developments
3.8 US Wireless Telecom Data Revenues & Forecast 2020
3.9 US Wireless Telecom Handset Device Shares 2011
3.10 US Wireless Telecom Handset Sales & Forecast 2020
3.11 US Wireless Telecom Carriers Key Performance Indicators

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4 Section 4: Wired Landline Telecom Dimensions & Forecast
4.1 US Wired Landline Telecom Trends & Performance
4.2 US Wired Landline Total Subscriber Revenues & Forecast 2020
4.3 US Wired Landline Carrier Shares 2011
4.4 US Wired Landline Carrier Revenues & Forecast 2020

5 Section 5: High-Speed Internet Services Dimensions & Forecast
5.1 US Total High Speed Internet Services Subscribers & Forecast 2020
5.2 US High Speed Internet Carrier Market Shares 2011
5.3 US High Speed Internet Carrier Shares & Forecast 2020

6 Section 6: Pay-TV Services Dimensions & Forecast
6.1 US Pay-TV Total Revenues & Forecast 2020
6.2 US Pay-TV Carrier Market Shares 2011
6.3 US Pay TV Carrier Customer Satisfaction Ratings 2011
6.4 US Pay TV Carrier Customer Churn Rates 2011
6.5 US Pay TV Carrier revenue & Forecast 2020

7 Section 7: Summary & Conclusions
7.1 US Telecommunications Industry summary & Assessment