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Frustrated of receiving frequent late night prank calls, harassing telemarketing calls or blank calls from unknown phone number? USA Reverse Phone Lookup powered by Phone Detective is here to help you instantly trace the identity of the caller, stop them and regain your peace of mind.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- Most of us have come to take for granted the fact that we can now look down at our telephone and see who is calling before we even answer the phone. But, sometimes there are numbers that you just don’t recognize – and that could mean trouble. USA Reverse Phone Lookup makes it easy for you to look up numbers online and determine exactly who is behind that number.

Of course, people don’t use reverse phone lookup services solely to see who is calling them! There is the added convenience of being able to see who your children are calling, who your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is calling, or who is calling them. Especially in today’s world, it is important to keep an eye on your children and their electronic interactions and USA Reverse Phone Lookup can do just that.

There was a time when you could actually go down to the library and look in a giant reverse phone directory, but obviously those days are over. It is not unusual for a person to have dozens of different phone numbers during their life now, so a website like USA Reverse Phone Lookup can really help you out. Whether you are searching for the name behind a number you have written down, or you are trying to see who is pestering you in the middle of the night, they will help you find out.

In order to use the service, all you will need is the area code and phone number and the website will do the rest. If they don’t have a name behind the number, which usually only happens when the number is extremely new, then they won’t charge you for looking it up. However, if they have the information you need, then you can choose to pay for a one time use or buy a subscription that will enable you to look up even more numbers in the future.

In addition to just getting the owner’s name of a phone number (which might not do you that much good), you will also get information such as where the number is physically located, whether or not it is a cell phone or a land line, if it is a business line or a personal line, and even some more personal information as to who owns the line.

We would all like to trust those who call us and those who we live with, but sometimes you just need to know a little more information to ease your mind. If your loved one is making or receiving calls that you just don’t recognize, or you are interested in finding out who is calling you all the time, then a service like USA Reverse Phone Lookup can help you out. They service that they provide is completely anonymous - so no one will know that their number is being investigated - and you will have the information that you need in a matter of seconds.

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