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USA Scheduler Rolls out a Reliable, Automated School Scheduling Solution

School scheduling software developed by USA Scheduler has replaced the traditional conflict matrix with a solution matrix. Algorithm in the scheduling software is free of friction and drag.


Fremont, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- USA Scheduler has rolled out scheduling software for schools combining simplicity with comprehensive results. A reliable, automated software solution, developed with a planning-oriented approach makes scheduling easy and quick. A schedule can be built automatically or interactively, comparing combinations to arrive on the optimum schedule.

“The software enables you build virtually any type of schedule. The powerful schedule builder can be used for viewing, editing and printing student schedules. High building accuracy means the students will be able to get their requested course choices fulfilled. Scheduling would take a quantum leap thanks to the updated algorithm in the master schedule which has added intelligence to it,” commented a senior executive with the company.

Having worked with high institutions that have very large number of students and courses, USA Schedule has been able to spot patterns. They have improved upon the traditional conflict matrix and replaced it with a solution matrix. There are no manual singletons and doubletons, and speed is dramatic, compared to other software available on the market. Algorithm is free of friction and drag, associated with the complex searching of the solution pool.

The software supports creation of a better master schedule. The executive added, “You can easily redo schedules and build multiple or more complicated schedules. Thanks to the software, you have more time which means you can use your skills elsewhere. You are able to create evenly balanced sections and easily resolve scheduling conflicts.”

When working on software plagued with conflict intersections, the school managers can pursue only one intersection at a time. It does not give them complete picture of the totality of solutions. They can create all sorts of reports to facilitate scheduling, including master schedule of requests, course master lists, partial scheduling reports and tally reports.

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USA Scheduler has developed scheduling software for schools that can run different scheduler modules. Easy to link with the existing student information system, the software offers fully automated scheduling assistance, resulting in optimally effective scheduling operation. It is helpful in improving course sections and teachers’ workload. Find more information here about master scheduler software online.

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