UsaBigMall Provides a Marketplace Platform for Selling of Goods Online


Jelgava, Latvia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- With the increasing number of marketplaces online, finding the right one to use to sell items can be a difficult task for some consumers. UsaBigMall is basically an online social mall where individuals can start selling items. What makes UsaBigMall different from other marketplaces available online, members are provided with a free of charge ecommerce platform that can be utilized to promote and sell various items. It can even be used to promote products on Facebook.

Features of UsaBigMall:

- Users can enjoy the free online store
- Free of charge Facebook store
- Hosting that is free of charge
- Addition of items without any commissions
- Store promotion features with the use of widgets or badges

When it comes to the selling of goods online using UsaBigMall, users have the option to create their own free online store and add it without any charges involved along with an infinite number of products. All of this is for free. Members can even advertise their store, thus drawing in more visitors. Additionally, users have the option to add a number of services and sell them. The services and products offered are provided with descriptions and even add in the amount of the services provided. After the acquisition and the purchase, users can check the buyer who will use the services being offered.

For those who want to try out the marketplace platform of UsaBigMall, it is required to sign-up first. A valid email address is required and a unique username and password. The usernames accepted are only composed of letters and numbers. Symbols or spaces are not allowed. Both upper and lowercase letters can be used but take note that the usernames are case-sensitive. Individuals who want to be sellers can choose the type of membership – either basic or premium. As a seller, an active PayPal account is required in order to complete the registration process. As an ecommerce site, UsaBigMall requires all sellers and buyers to be over 18 years old or should present parental consent and control.

Once an individual has finished the registration process, there are useful steps in order to get the storefront running. Initially, provide your storefront with style by adding an avatar or slogan as well as a description of the store. Members can add a customized banner, but this feature is only available to the premium members. Once the storefront façade is finished, the next step is to add the items. Of course, this is the most important step and having them listed in the system will ensure that potential buyers can find what they need.

Of course, for individuals out there who intend to use UsaBigMall in selling their products, it is important to be fully familiar on how it works. In terms of getting payments after selling an item successfully, all payments are paid directly to the PayPal account used by the seller. Take note that UsaBigMall will not handle any of the money at all. When creating a collection, users must be logged in as a premium member in order to utilize this feature. Every product in the site is assigned with a distinct number. For users who want to add products to their collections, they have to determine the number of the products. These collections are basically groups of items that are arranged based on a particular theme. It is recommended to use two web browsers at the same time. Use one to browse through the different storefronts and look for items that suitably fit in your collection. The other browser is used to open the new collection page for easy input of the item numbers when needed.

UsaBigMall shoppers are in search or vintage items, handmade goods and even craft supplies. For members who have these products to share, UsaBigMall can help sellers reach out to the targeted clients. Of course, a great feature offered by UsaBigMall is the UsaBigMall Facebook application where members can create an Internet store on their Facebook page. In doing so, it allows Facebook fans to check out the latest products directly on Facebook. Once the application has been installed on the fan page, users can add the store details and all the products being offered. Take note that the Facebook store is free from any charges.

UsaBigMall is basically a distinct online service that functions as a social marketplace. It is where individuals can create a free online store to start a business. UsaBigMall unites thousands of sellers in a single place. A highly beneficial platform is provided to sellers so that they can promote and sell various products. The buyers can search for the products that they need through the UsaBigMall stores.

Media Contact:
Mr. Dainis Šteinberg.
Jelgava, Latvia