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USB Direct Urges Early Orders for Holidays As Fourth Quarter Customized USB Drives Sales Surge


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2011 -- USB Direct, Canada’s supplier of custom USB flash drives is seeing a fourth-quarter surge in sales of custom USB drives to corporations and businesses intending them for holiday distribution. From the smallest businesses to the largest multinational corporations, USB Direct sells customized logo branded USB drives with a wide range of memory capacities and style options.

With the USB flash drive market projected to reach 568 million units by 2015, USB Direct has seen that growth firsthand with a recent unprecedented surge in 2011 Q4 orders. “Holidays appear to be the best time of year for giving customized USB drives as promotional gifts because they seamlessly meld personalized useful gifts, corporate branding and relaying of pertinent information in one package,” said a USB Direct representative.

In addition to custom logo printing and packaging, USB Direct offers an exceptionally wide selection of custom flash drives in different materials, styles, colors and sizes to meet any company's promotional needs. Their material selection ranges from plastic and metal to wood and even recycled paper and silicone for ecologically conscious customers.

Client companies have a range of styles to choose from including USB drives shaped like cars, Russian dolls, and even credit cards that can be screen printed in full color. An entire line of drives, pens, and laser pointer combinations are available for those in search of a more versatile device. Flash drives made from leather or PVC can even double as bracelets. Customers can choose from many options and popular styles such as flat stick USB devices and swivel flash drives.

A variety of storage capacities are available with some models capable of holding up to 32GB of data. Services also include data preloading, auto-run functionality and more. Made with high quality durable materials, USB Direct customized flash drives have a one-year warranty and are built to last for decades with normal use. “Our prices are impressively low, so with the holidays fast approaching we’re urging businesses to contact our customer service team for a free quote as orders take a little time to complete,” said the representative.

For more information, please visit http://www.usbdirect.ca

About USB Direct
USB Direct is Canada’s number one supplier of customized USB flash drives for corporations and businesses. In addition to customized corporate logos on each device and a variety of storage capacities up to 32GB, their flash drives also come in different materials including metal, wood, leather, PVC, recycled paper and silicone as well as traditional plastic and metal. Available shapes include flat stick and swivel to cars, Russian dolls, credit cards and more. Device services include data preloading, auto run functionality and more.