Joe Bragg Compares, Ranks, and Reviews the Best USB Microphones


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Today, having a microphone attached to a computer isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity. Whether using Skype to talk to relatives or teleconferencing with employees, microphones turn a computer into one of the most powerful communication devices in the world.

While laptops generally come with built-in microphones, desktop computers generally do not. That’s why USB microphones are a popular solution. At, visitors will learn everything they need to know about the world of USB microphones and USB microphone comparisons.

The website features an introduction to the world of USB microphones. That introduction discusses the advantages of USB microphones, including:

- They connect easily to any PC, laptop, or tablet computer that has a USB port
- They offer a higher level of sound quality than built-in PC microphones
- They are simple to setup and use
- They often come with a headphone socket for monitoring

After learning about the advantages of USB microphones, visitors can peruse the USB microphones ranking page to determine which one would work best for their needs.

A spokesperson for explained how visitors can use this rankings chart to find the perfect USB mic:

“Our rankings chart is designed to be as easy as possible for visitors to use. We currently include 34 different microphones in our chart, all of which have been rated and reviewed. We allow visitors to sort through microphones based on price, rating, frequency range, and a number of other features. Those who are picky about sound quality may want to sort USB microphones based on polar patterns, for example, while others may be happy to find the cheapest USB microphone available today.”

USB microphones are a popular option even for users who already have a computer with an attached microphone. Laptop microphones, for example, tend to be of a lower level of quality than most USB microphones. Although most people don’t need a recording studio-level of quality in their computer’s microphone, it’s easy to appreciate the added sound quality that even a mid-range USB microphone provides.

Meanwhile, those who regularly publish videos online or operate a recording studio will need to demand the highest level of performance from their hardware. A high-quality USB microphone offers this level of performance in order to add a crisp and professional touch to any recordings.

Whether adding a microphone to a computer or simply improving upon a dated setup, aims to make shopping for USB microphones as easy as possible. And with links to Amazon retail pages for each microphone, the website also aims to offer the lowest prices online.

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