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Use Under Desk Cable Tray to Get Rid of the Cable Clutter

Despite technological advancement, there are some problems that are still unsolved. One of the annoyances is the cable clutter under the desk. Many PCs are still plagued with the grasping tentacles of cable wires. One of the solutions is making use of the under-desk cable trays.


Vejle, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- 7 Ways to Manage Desk Cables

Many problems arise from the cluttered cables, as they serve as a source of the dust and debris. There are certain ways that an individual deploys to manage the under desk cables. Some of them are outlined below:

1. Plastic card cable organiser to fix cables: Old credit or debit cards find their application in managing the under desk cables. By making use of the puncher and the scissors, one can make the hole in the cards. By inserting the wires in these holes, one can manage the under-desk cable clutter.

2. Cable drop clips: When any of the wires is to be repaired, then identifying the correct wire from the dozens of the under-desk cables requires lots of efforts. When an individual is required to keep the cables above the desk, it creates a chaotic situation. Therefore, usage of the cable drop clips serves as a solution to both these problems. By making use of clips, one can route the wires above the desk and hence the wires under the desk also become identifiable and making the repair work of the damaged cable easy.

3. Cable spools: If there is a requirement to increase or decrease the length of the wire under the desk, then the cable spools can be used. An individual can easily wind up the wire with the spool and can also increase the length of the wire.

4. Sumo cable box: The tool is similar to the under-desk cable tray. To manage the cables above the desk one can make use of this box and for management beneath the desk use of under desk cable tray is made. The box has the same structure like a paper weight. The sumo cable box is supplied with two grooves which routes the cables above and beneath the desk. Thus, the box serves as a tool for the management of cables above the desk.

5. XL cable organiser: As the name suggests, the equipment is used for the management of the extra long cables. An individual can wind the lengthy multiple cables around the centre of the spindle. The organiser has a flexible rubber shell that makes dozens of cables stay at one place.

6. Magnets: To manage multiple cables, at a time attaching a magnet behind the laptop or computer screen serves as a viable option. The magnets are easily available and an affordable option to manage wires of many USB devices at a time.

7. Plug Hub: With the use of this equipment one can organise the cords behind the desk. The structure of the equipment is such that it will keep the cords untangled safely that aid the easy identification of the cables during repair work.

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