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Used Balers Site UsedBoxBaler.com Closes Large Deal Boosting Their Authority in the Industry


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- Specializing in a wide range of used cardboard balers, UsedBoxBaler.com recently sold 10 Marathon V-4224 Vertical used cardboard balers to a recycling equipment company based in Canada. The purchase was just completed and the cardboard balers will be headed to a new home north of the U.S. border by the end of September.

The recent used baler sale by UsedBoxBaler.com further adds to the Tullahoma, TN based company’s high level of authority on the market. In fact the site is now ranked No. 3 on Top20Sites.com in the cardboard baler category, with a 4.7 out of 5.0 popularity ranking. This is just behind the No. 2 ranked site, which has a 4.8 rating.

According to the company, “UsedBoxBaler.com has proven very effective in providing all the information needed for perspective buyers to make solid, fast buying decisions about used balers. We aim to offer only the highest quality products and our track record speaks for itself.”

Owned by Coffee Country Recycling (CCR), UsedBoxBaler.com has sold a total of 527 used cardboard balers since the program began in 2009. The company’s CCR Industrial division currently has more than 300 used Marathon balers available for purchase.

Once a restaurant, retail store or grocery store has unpacked their products, merchandise and equipment from its cardboard packaging, the unneeded cardboard has to go somewhere. But given its bulky framework and the large amount of products that businesses go through, the cardboard waste can quickly add up and can take up a lot of space.

To overcome these space and waste issues, it is important for businesses to have access to a cardboard baler. Used cardboard balers can rapidly crush and compact a large number of cardboard products at once, allowing businesses to clean and recycle at the same time.

While UsedBoxBaler.com only recommends businesses should use their used box balers for baling cardboard, several of the company’s customers have or are currently using the equipment to bale cans, film, cloths and paper.

Businesses looking for a cardboard baler for sale can visit the company’s site to peruse the available products and more.

For more information, visit http://usedboxbaler.com/

About UsedBoxBaler.com
Based in Tullahoma, TN, UsedBoxBaler.com is a part of Coffee County Recycling (CCR). CCR, which was started in 1995 by the successful businessman and equipment builder Mark Wallace, launched CCR Industrial in 2009. CCR Industrial features a variety of equipment, including air dryers, compressors, conveyors, press brakes and used box balers. Each cardboard baler receives a thorough 35-point safety and operational review prior to leaving the CCR Industrial facility.