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Used Car Directory VinBrowse.com Now Allows Buyers to Contact Sellers Directly Via Phone


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- Buying a used vehicle is an excellent way to obtain a quality automobile on a budget. Luckily, the process of buying a used auto is not as risky as it once was, due to the amount of data available regarding a car’s history.

Drivers in the market for a pre-owned vehicle have been searching the listings at VinBrowse.com, a used car directory that makes the hunt for a used car easier. VinBrowse.com aims to simplify the buying and selling experiences associated with used cars: the website’s visitors need only enter their zip code into a form in order to start browsing thousands of car classifieds complete with detailed listings and ratings.

The marketplace created a solid directory by working solely with reputable dealers and individual sellers that meet their website’s criteria.

Their system is simple: “We list [the seller’s] entire used car inventory, updating when availability, price, or any other info changes; provide a method for you to connect with them to inquire about a car; [and then] allow you to rate your experience afterwards.”

Recently, VinBrowse.com updated their services to include a way for buyers and sellers to interact directly with each other. Previously, when interested in a car, users had to fill out a form that would be sent directly to the seller. Now, customers can simply call a 1-800 number to speak with a seller, and each car has its own extension number so all parties know which car is being referred to.

VinBrowse.com’s excellent customer service allows them to be credited with showing clients more pertinent information about used auto listings than any other site, including the make, model, year, gas type, and gas mileage. The website also goes the extra mile to compare every listing’s selling price to its average cost in the buyer’s local area. Additionally, VinBrowse.com estimates the value of each car and provides a link to view the full vehicle history report, just so customers can be sure that they are getting the best possible deal on a safe vehicle.

Potential buyers are encouraged to start searching VinBrowse.com today—they simply need to plug in make, model, zip code, distance, preferred price, and mileage information to get started. Those who are unsure of what make and model to start with can view VinBrowse.com’s rating system, where users provide feedback on used car models that they have owned before.

About VinBrowse.com
Created especially for car buyers and sellers, VinBrowse.com is an online used car marketplace that aims to make the selling process safer and easier. On the website, both dealers and individual sellers list their cars for sale, and buyers can browse listings and contact sellers for free. For more information, please visit http://www.vinbrowse.com