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Used Cardboard Balers Being Employed by Wider Variety of Businesses/Sectors, Says UsedBoxBaler.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- More and more companies and businesses are investing in used automatic box balers to lower disposal costs, increase recycling efficiency and improve plant/business cleanliness according to UsedBoxBaler.com. The company provides quality inspected Used Balers to a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Every business that receives and distributes merchandise contained in cardboard boxes or packaging deals with mountains of cardboard that must be efficiently stored and then disposed of properly. Ideally these businesses invest in automatic balers as the most efficient space- saving method. While purchasing these machines can be an expensive venture, the availability of used balers has opened the option up to a much wider variety of businesses, industries and sectors. As a leading reseller of used balers, UsedBoxBaler.com has seen a steady rise in the number and variety of sectors taking advantage of this opportunity.

“While manufacturers have been the traditional users, we have seen a steady increase in retailers, hotels, hospital and medical facilities as well as the growing recycling facilities that are seeking out these used box balers,” said a UsedBoxBaler.com spokesperson.

According to the company, used cardboard balers provide quite a few benefits to these and other sectors that are faced with cardboard box disposal as a part of daily operation. Used balers are an effective solution for waste reduction while also reducing workplace hazards and making for a safer work environment. In addition, they take up less space as they create more free space and a cleaner, more organized and sanitary facility. From an economic perspective, used cardboard box balers significantly reduce cardboard disposal expenses while also creating a significant revenue stream via recycling.

Among the company’s highly sought-after baler for sale models is the Marathon V-4224 Cardboard Box Baler. The unit features an automatically opening feed gate for hands-free loading as well as automatic bale ejector. The totally enclosed fan-cooled motor is as powerful and efficient as its multi-stage pump with nine-gallon hydraulic fluid reservoirs. It features a wealth of features such as External “Reset” button, Keyed On/Off, Auto Cycle, Emergency Stop, Platen Up/Platen Down, and indicator lights to signal the end of the process. The unit’s compact size and four swivel casters allows easy installation in most stockrooms.

Two other highly popular models in their cardboard baler for sale inventory are the Galbreath Vertical Down Stroke Baler and the MAX-PAK Vertical Cardboard Baler. Both are powerful and among the industry’s most durable and efficient balers. Used Box Baler employs a 35-point checklist to ensure that each box baler is in the best possible condition before leaving the company. This checklist provides quality control and safety regulation standards compliance so that the clients receive the best equipment possible. For more information, please visit http://usedboxbaler.com/

About UsedBoxBaler.com
The company provides quality used cardboard box balers to a wide variety of industries, businesses and market segments ranging from manufacturing and recycling facilities to retail, hospitals, hotels and beyond. They sell a variety of powerful, durable and efficient balers from some of the top manufacturers in the industry that boast numerous features and automation. Used Box Baler employs a 35-point checklist to ensure that each box baler is in the best possible condition before leaving the company.