Used Cars in Colombia: Classifieds Section Keeps Growing


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2015 -- Selling a car on the Internet is both convenient and hassle-free. In Colombia, the most popular site to do so is on It's one of the country's fastest growing classifieds sites and has become a leader in its market.

The website is home to more than 2.5 million published ads. On that site, the fastest growing category to date is used cars. But what is it about the website that makes it the go-to destination for car sellers in Colombia?

Ease of use

There's no denying that some classifieds websites are hard to navigate and post ads. The main selling point of is the fact that boasts an easy-to-use design. Navigation menus are simple and clear, and the page layouts are easy to understand.

Fast loading speed

Part of's success is how quick the site is to load. It doesn't matter if the used cars classifieds get accessed from Colombia or some other area. They load fast, enabling buyers to make quick decisions about the cars they want.

It's also a useful fact for sellers too. That's because it won't take them a long time to write descriptions and upload photos of their cars.


One welcome feature that you will notice about is how secure it is for its users! The site uses bank-grade encryption across its pages. That means any information sent or received from the site is safe and secure.

Mobile-friendly design

The website doesn't just look great on desktop and laptop computers. It also looks perfect when viewed on a mobile device too. Smartphone and tablet users welcome mobile-friendly designs on websites. It makes services such as more accessible to the wider market.

Another reason the site is a hit with mobile users is its accessibility for car buyers. When they view an ad using their cell phone, they have the option to call, email or send a text message to the seller.

When you're looking for used cars, Colombians usually do so on a mobile device. Convenience is at the core of the used car buying and selling services offered by

The website first got established back in March 2014. Its popularity has exploded, and the classifieds site is now number one in Colombia. The used cars section is, without a doubt, the most popular and fastest growing. But, also boasts other well-used categories too.

Examples include recreation and sports, home and garden, and dating. Electronics and jobs are also other popular categories offered on You can even buy and sell homes on there too!

The team behind are experts in online classifieds websites. The website is proof that they understand the needs of today's modern Colombians.

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