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User Friendly Easy Video Suite from Emarketingsales

New-age video marketing comes into picture


Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- Kieran Josh Bartlett has created new software that will help greatly towards user friendly video marketing, called easy video suite. There are many additional features to this video suite, instead of just being any other video software. In just one platform, one can edit their videos, publish them, market them and even track the way they are running about. With the help of the easy video suite, one can even record their own computer screen.

Once you take a video, thanks to the software provided by this video suite, it will be automatically uploaded to the internet, and it will be converted to a totally user friendly format so that one doesn’t have to run it a million times for the video to play properly. Camtasia and screen flow used to be made major use of in the past to convert videos into the standard requirements as needed by YouTube. But now, none of that is necessary, because all the conversions will be made while uploading itself thanks to the software in the easy video suite.

Animating introductions has never been easier than it is with this video suite. All the necessary editing tools will be provided so that one can edit their videos in a really easy manner and animate them if they want to. All the editing is taken care of because of the EVS interface put forth by easy video suite. The videos will look & feel professional and even the editing work done on it will work out to be professional. All video marketing and editing tools that one could ever require are all present in easy video suite. Customers don’t need to look elsewhere for any extra additions.

This video suite also comes with desktop apps, for MAC as well as PC, making it user friendly on each and every level, no matter where customers use it on. All the customers need to do is to open the necessary app on the device, and everything will be automatically taken care of. One can also navigate the content in the video in an easy manner by putting it into chapters. This will increase leads and sales, because viewers can understand the video in a better manner.

To know more about easy video suite, visit http://emarketingsales.com/easyvideosuite