User Friendly Guard Tour Systems from PatrolScan


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- PatrolScan's guard tour systems are built with the user's experience in mind. The company's software requires no previous computer experience to operate and is backed by a superior service record.

The guard tour patrol systems from PatrolScan are made from the most durable materials. The company's TouchProbe comes with a metal casing that provides maximum durability under the most extreme conditions. PatrolScan's memory chips are stainless steel canisters, each containing a unique ID number, and are guaranteed for ten years.

In the past, compiling data and organizing patrol information was often laborious. PatrolScan's guard tour systems use simple technology that is ideal for minimizing effort. The company's software saves its users time by reducing the amount needed for record keeping. Their software allows supervisors and managers to stay on top of everything their guards are seeing.

Whether guards have a few checkpoints or a few hundred checkpoints, PatrolScan's guard tour systems quickly collect the data that managers and supervisors need to ensure that their guards are in the right places at the right times. These guard tour systems also make it easy to collect incident reports because their software is easy to use.

PatrolScan's software uses a simple "point and click" interface. When connecting the guard tour system hardware chip to a computer, PatrolScan's dashboard clearly displays the ID, location and any customized settings right away.

Those interested in PatrolScan's guard tour systems can call the company at 800-878-SCAN (7226), more information is also available on PatrolScan's website. Anyone interested can view complete slideshows of PatrolScan's software and hardware on their website. The company also offers free trials.

About PatrolScan
Facilities Control Technology is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to providing their clients with high quality, reliable security management software. They have been continuously developing and producing innovative guard tour systems in the Philadelphia area for over 13 years. As security remains a top concern for all corporations, their clients span the globe, from Canada to New Zealand, Great Britain and Italy. Their goal is to ensure the protection of their clients is strengthened by using PatrolScan.

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