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Users Advised to Procure Their IP Address to Secure Routers and Enable Wireless Access


Palilula, Belgrade -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2016 -- As per the studies made from the latest statistics, it has been said that most of the local internet users are operating out of the Belkin routers and modems. Belkin is currently one of the biggest manufacturers of routers and modems in the country. As per reports of close sources, it has also been said that it could lead the international market in the next couple of years, making it the biggest international brand.

As the main motif of all local networks is convenience and ease of use, the latest routers come with a built-in utility which is web based. This is to make sure that individuals can easily access it with the help of the router's default address. The basic default IP address that has been used by the Belkin manufacturers is the popular However, there are also certain cases where another IP is used. A leading web site has recently come up with a series of information based articles with the intention of helping individuals to locate the right IP address if they are located in an area where the popular one is not used. Most of the models come with the address printed on them. Additionally, there are also a lot more that does not provide any information and therefore it is the duty of the individual users to find it out for themselves. Any user can simply start the Command Prompt by typing the CMD in the Run field that is on the windows. The ipconfig must is immediately typed on when the command Prompt is opened. For those that ends with other numbers like 0.1 or 1.1, it is recommended to use the usual IP instead by typing the number at the address bar. It has helped many to secure their own Belkin router and has enabled the access to wireless internet. For more information please visit

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