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Using Cell Phones for Fitness: Benefits and Cautions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- The world is constantly connected thanks to the invention of the internet, cell phones, and other forms of technology. But how have these advances affected our health and wellness?

Recent studies have shown that individuals who spend a majority of their time on a computer or on their cell phone are less fit and healthy than those who put down the device. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many fitness experts have sited a growing trend of short-burst, equipment-free workouts designed for high-tech individuals who need to stay constantly connected.

High Intensity Training is a growing trend among college campuses and large cities. These programs offer a back to basics fitness approach free of equipment or long hours in the gym, allowing those who require constant connectivity because of work or social engagements to achieve more in a shorter period of time.

There are numerous cell phone applications that support high intensity training programs. Circuit, HIIT, and Tabata Training all have developed applications cell phone users can use to create workouts on their schedule. At times, the phone can act as a trainer or support person for when the user doesn’t have time for the social interaction of a gym.

Most of these applications are available for both Android and iOS devices, and while they can provide support to engage in physical activity, they’re not a substitute for social well-being. Fitness experts advise to use the programs when creating short workouts during office hours, but try to take time to engage in other social activities away from technology as much as possible.

Constant connection to fitness can be a wonderful thing for those living a fast-paced life that are unable to find time at the gym, but caution should be taken to not become addicted to the computer or cellular device. Human interaction is essential to overall wellness, as is adequate nutrition and proper rest. While cell phones and other technology can support these pursuits, they’re not replacements for real person-to-person contact at work, or during physical activity.

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