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Using Competition to Boost Workout Performance


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- A competitive streak is a good motivator to work harder in physical activity, and the group cycling classes at a fitness center in New York city are taking advantage of this winning instinct by turning it into a class format and encouraging participants to compete with each other.

Classes are organized into three different sections, red, blue, and green teams respectively. When class participants reserve their spot for a cycling class, they’re also joining a team and at the end of the class only one team can be the winner.

The winning team is determined by the “swerve” score, a combination of total wattage the team produces by how hard their pedaling their bikes. The bikes have been equipped with screens showing riders their own rate of speed and energy output, as well as the total output for their teams. For those with a competitive urge, this not only encourages them to work harder but can cause them to encourage their teammates to push themselves even more for the good of the whole.

Accountability to someone else is a huge motivator to increase fitness levels, and helps participants in the class form a social bond that will increase their mental wellness at the same time.

Cycling isn’t the only group fitness format that has tried this out. Many businesses instead of sending potential partners to luncheons or out for drinks have begun encouraging them to attend boot camp classes to motivate each other and see how well they work together. Another fitness center in New York has also begun organizing classes where participants focus on strength training, then play competitive school games in the 2nd half. While it may seem childish, the results are definitive that participants work harder and enjoy their workout more than if they were engaging in the activities alone.

This is a fitness trend that could spread throughout the next year, and if a person has a competitive streak of any form, they may enjoy participating in this style of workout to improve their health.

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