Maloumian Oriental Rugs

Using the Makoor Process at Roy's Rugs Preserves the Quality of Oriental Rugs


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2016 -- Those who own modern or antique Oriental rugs in Philadelphia are encouraged to switch to the Makoor Process as soon as possible. It is recommended that Oriental rugs be cleaned every 3-5 years, and without the use of harsh soaps or chemicals. Many people do not know that their rugs need careful tending to, and often rely on faceless companies who primarily use rough machines to do their washing and drying.

In order to preserve a rug's long-lasting appeal, Roy's Rugs, an Oriental rug cleaner in Bucks County, uses the art of Makoor, (or otherwise known as the Makoor Process), to meticulously clean Oriental rugs by hand. With this process, the rugs are not put through hot oven dryers, and instead, are towel-dried by hand and then air-dried on a special rack. The Makoor Process is a safe and reliable way to ensure that no damage is accrued to a treasured Oriental rug.

How it is determined that an Oriental rug needs to be cleaned is if a cloud of dust appears when a corner of the rug is lifted and dropped. Also, if the warp and weft looks dirty, then it is at a stage where there is a risk of causing permanent damage to the rug's foundation. At this point, the dirt begins to settle into the knotting, acting like sandpaper, which wears away the rug and endangers its quality. Contact Roy's Rugs with questions or comments by going to their website and using their simplistic message box located on the right-hand side or send them an email for general information at:, for rug cleaning:, or for rug sales: You can also call them at 215-209-3708.

About Roy's Rugs
Roy's Rugs is the oldest and largest direct importer and wholesaler of Tibetan rugs as well as being the largest volume Oriental rug dealer, containing five showrooms of inventory. Roy's Rugs has served as the most-trusted Oriental rug authority in the Philadelphia area since 1927, winning the Best of Philly in 2015. Roy's Rugs has the knowledge and experience of three generations of the Maloumian family, making them more trustworthy than a faceless company.

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