Using Waste Balers to Become More Efficient in Day to Day Business


Toddington, Gloucestershire -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2016 -- In order to become a waste efficient business, there needs to be methods in place to maximise your green credentials plus you need to ideally be spending as little as possible. Simply using bins to dispose of all waste is not enough. Using waste balers as an alternative brings much more to the table. These machines predominantly bale waste cardboard and plastic, which are usually the main recyclable waste types for businesses. Bins used for both these materials can essentially be removed, which saves space, money and time; these are three key components to consider when running a business.

Replacing bins with waste balers is a terrific money saver. Cardboard and plastic bin rentals and collections can be stopped, which wipes away the cost of both straightaway. In its place comes a weekly or monthly collection from a recycler, which costs substantially less and in some cases nothing at all, as baled materials are a valuable resource for recyclers.

Waste balers have a small footprint, in fact one baler has the same footprint as one 1100 litre wheelie bin; in most cases you only need one waste baler but multiple bins are needed. This makes for a great space saving method as the area where the bins once stood could be used for something more worthwhile.

The small footprint of waste balers also enables them to be located in convenient locations. This means they can be positioned close to the waste cardboard and plastic source, saving time on disposal. Bins are voluminous and often have to be kept outdoors where there is more room; this would involve a short walk for every disposal. Time is also saved when discarding cardboard as it can be baled as a whole box. With bins, flat-packing is often required to maximise space as whole boxes fill up in no time at all.

Waste balers create a tidier workplace as there will be no overflowing cardboard and plastic in bins and also loose cardboard, which is a fire hazard will all be baled. This hugely improves health and safety standards on site and will impress government officials when they visit to check over the premises. A tidy waste area will also make a positive impression on customers, visitors and other businesses when being shown round. Bales can be neatly stacked in an empty corner away from the busiest areas so they don't get in the way of everyday business.

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