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USMC Insurance Clarifies Types of Vehicles That Aren't Covered Under Hired Auto Insurance


Tylersport, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2023 -- Hired auto coverage is an essential investment for any company or individual that uses vehicles not owned by the company. However, there are certain times when vehicles are not eligible for this type of coverage. USMC, an insurance managing general agent, shares a few examples of situations where vehicles are not covered by hired auto coverage.

Rental vehicles can be covered by some HNOA policies, but not if the vehicle is rented from a friend, employee, partner, or limited liability member. If a vehicle must be rented in this way, it is best to arrange coverage using the owner or driver's existing policy.

Leasing a vehicle involves a series of payments to a lessor. If the lessor is a friend, employee, partner, or limited liability member, this is another situation when hired auto coverage cannot be used.

Another time when hired auto coverage does not take effect is when a vehicle is borrowed from a friend, employee, partner, or limited liability member. In this case, a "borrowed" vehicle is not the same as a "hired" one, so a car or truck lent to a driver by a friend, employee, partner, or limited liability member is not eligible for a hired auto coverage policy.

More often than not, businesses rent, lease, and borrow through third-party services rather than doing so from people involved with their own workplaces. This means that in almost all cases, investing in hired auto coverage is still a wise choice for anyone who rents, leases, or borrows any type of vehicle for work. Unless the specific above circumstances apply, businesses can usually rely on hired auto coverage to protect themselves and their employees at levels that commercial auto insurance cannot.

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