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USMC Insurance Explores the Differences Between Personal and Non-Owned Auto Insurance


Tylersport, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2023 -- USMC Insurance, a leading insurance managing general agent (MGA), is shedding light on an important topic that many individuals and businesses encounter: the differences between personal auto insurance and non-owned auto insurance.

Personal auto insurance is a common type of coverage that individuals purchase to protect their personal vehicles. It typically provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage that may occur during accidents involving the insured's own vehicle. Personal auto insurance policies are tailored to individual needs and often include options for comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and additional endorsements.

On the other hand, non-owned auto insurance is designed for businesses or individuals who frequently use vehicles they do not own for business purposes. This coverage protects against liability expenses arising from accidents involving vehicles not owned by the policyholder. Non-owned auto insurance can apply to rental cars, leased vehicles, and even employees' personal vehicles used for business operations.

The key distinction between personal auto insurance and non-owned auto insurance is the scope of coverage. Personal auto insurance typically covers the policyholder and their personal vehicle, whereas non-owned auto insurance focuses on liability coverage for accidents involving non-owned vehicles used for business purposes.

Business owners should carefully consider their insurance needs and evaluate whether personal auto insurance provides adequate coverage for vehicles used in their business operations. If employees regularly use personal vehicles for business purposes, non-owned auto insurance becomes essential to protect against potential liability and financial risks.

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