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Coralville, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- The World of USMLE, also known by the long name of United States Medical Licensing Examination was taken by storm when investigators started looking into several teaching companies that were providing USMLE candidates with questions that have been asked in previous USMLE examinations. Many overseas teaching centers which focus on getting foreign doctors prepped for the USMLE came under the scanner over suspicion of using leaked USMLE questions from previous exams. The modus operandi of many of these companies is simple. They wait outside exam centers, and ask exiting examinees about questions that they remember. In many third word countries this is perfectly legal. What they do not realize is that these questions are copyrighted by the USMLE and are absolutely prohibited from any kind of reproduction.

About the World of USMLE
There are thousands of foreign trained doctors who are working in non-physician jobs in the United States because of either not passing the USMLE examinations or passing it with a low score. Only 40% of these FMGs or foreign medical graduates ever make it past the front gate of a US training facility.

Even doctors who are top of their class in their home countries find the grueling USMLE test series beyond them.

To address these difficulties many educationists and training facilities are offering indepth education programs, which range from in person classes which range in cost from $6000 to $10000 to distance education classes using podcasts and video telecasts. USMLE notes that summarize the important points are also assuming popularity. USMLE Denver Notes is one such program that has been hugely popular among USMLE candidates. Falcon Notes is yet another highly popular series.

This website exists for the sole purpose of guiding doctors and medical students in the world of USMLE, and helping them get a good score in the USMLE examinations. Many doctors , especially the ones from non-US med schools do not realize that a low score automatically means that he or she can never take the exam again, unlike a failing score which means they can re-take the exam. We hope that the successful examinees will find it in their heart to serve those areas of America that are underserved, such as Tennessee , Mississippi and Louisiana.