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VA Placements Recommends Readers 4 of the Best Tips on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Virtual assistants (VAs) have become fairly common in the modern world. They are much more preferable to full-time administrative assistants for largely two reasons; they are cheaper and more convenient. Full-time assistants need hardware and furniture, are given paid holidays and have a long list of government protection especially around workplace health and safety and hiring and firing regulations. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, are hired as independent contractors and can be on retainer or hired for a few hours or a few tasks. After the specific project is done and the money paid, one no longer needs the assistant if that is your preference. (If interested individuals need virtual assistants and ideas on what they can do in an hour, visit

It is extremely important for people to select the very best VAs so that their work is never compromised. There are a few tips one needs to keep in mind when they hire a virtual assistant. First of all, become familiar with the VA. It is important that managers are able to trust the VAs they are delegating to. Next, make sure that the VA understands the business. The work that they do should never compromise what the business represents. Lastly, one needs to remember the one crucial business rule – communication is the key to success. One needs to make sure that there are no barriers in communication between the two ends. Try to employ video conferencing as opposed to e-mails or live chat.

When business owners or managers hire a virtual assistant, they have special requirements which a professional virtual assistant agency, like the experts at, is better able to understand. The agency represents over one thousand and eight hundred VAs. The assistants are specifically trained by the agency itself. This agency offers clients a one-to-one recruitment service that means you do not have much work to do in selecting the right virtual assistant to suit your needs.

When a client comes up to the agency, the administrators ask them for a short brief to better understand their project. When the brief is given, they run the details through their database to come up with the VAs who are best suited for the job. Out of all the positive hits, about two or three of the best VAs are recommended to the client. The client then interviews them all and gets to decide which assistant would work best for them. Moreover, the VAs under the agency’s employment are bound by a particular code of conduct that they must abide by at all times. So, customers need never worry about being scammed.

Interested individuals can contact VAPlacements for a free recruitment service.

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