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Vacation Essentials: Bathing Suit, Sun Block and a..Great White? Introducing the 'Shark Pack'.

The Newest Vacation Essential Makes everyone Need One for Safety, but WANT One for Style!


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2012 -- Founder/CEO, Bill Rigopoulos, believes he has the key to making all travel, foreign and domestic, much safer this year with his Mako aqua wallet for men and Miss Mako bikini purse for women.

The company, founded in 2008, retails a light weight, durable and sleek aqua wallet designed to hold cash, IDS and credit cards (The Mako also holds a passport).

“Our line of aqua wallets enable the user to take personal effects; cash, IDS, credit cards into the water with them, swim (snorkel and jet ski) freely, and never leave these valuables unattended or hiding under a beach towel” said Rigopoulos.

“Our products are ideal for cruise ship passengers as well.” And if style is the main concern, Rigopoulos has everyone covered. “This isn’t remotely close to a fanny pack” he said he designed his aqua wallets inspired by Halle Berry’s bathing suit scene in James Bond’s Die Another Day.

“I realized there was a need in the market place for an aqua wallet when my back pack was stolen in the Bahamas back in 2006” he said “I was swimming in the Ocean when someone disappeared with my back pack that contained my Passport, Credit Cards, IDs and cell phone. I was stranded with no identification whatsoever, and no money or a way to get money in an emergency.”

He took a very difficult situation and made a business out of it and vowed to create a product that would not only serve a function, but do it with style. “I drew up 100’s of designs over the course of 18 months for what I wanted my aqua wallet to look like, but nothing brought style and function together” he stated “I was at one point drawing up packs that looked like fish.” He laughed, but he didn’t want his product to look like a novelty.

He stated:

“One Saturday afternoon, in 2007, I was watching a James Bond re-run on TV and when I noticed the Machete attached to Halle Berry’s bikini. That Machete-on-a-bikini was the inspiration for the current design. We now call the concept the Miss Mako bikini purse (for women) and the larger passport-sized unit is Mako Aqua Wallet (for Men). Both products are ultra sleek, yet durable, and come packaged with a belt loop, arm strap and lanyard.”

The Mako was the recipient of a gold medal at Inpex Four later Shark Packs are sold online at and at about 100 retailers.

“Our best seller isn’t even The Mako or Miss Mako, it’s the Great White.” Yes, he named all of his products after sharks.

“The Great White is a universal cell phone case; designed to sand proof and waterproof your Iphone or Droid. The Great White, when locked, is submersible up to 45 minutes (The Mako’s are each submersible up to 3 hours) AND users can also use the phone while it’s in the case thanks to the clear panels.” He stated “The beach is one of the harshest environments for phones, water is obviously the number one element that destroys cell phones, but sand is also very destructive, with the scratching and getting trapped in all the little crevices.”

He added, “When you think about it, our cell phones are the most critical electronic device in our lives. If you have a cell phone and go to the beach, you should own a Great White. If you are traveling internationally you should have a Mako.” For total protection he suggests ordering both directly from the website

All Shark Packs, currently available in black or white, are smartly packaged in re-sealable packaging and prices start at just under $20.

Shark Pack offers free shipping in the continental US for all orders over $35. “I started this company with the vision that our line of aqua wallets would one day become as essential to any beach or cruise vacation as a bathing suit, sun block or sun glasses.”

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About Shark Pack
Shark Pack produces and markets a range of durable, waterproof wallets.

The company is based in Baltimore, MD.