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Vaccine Adjuvants Market Surge Towards Solid Growth by 2024


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2017 -- Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Overview

The immunogenic response of the body against antigens is enhanced through adjuvants. Hence, to increase the ability of vaccines to induce long-term protection against infections, adjuvants are added to the vaccines. Presently, MF59 and aluminum salts are the only adjuvants, which are found to be feasible for human use. However, the rapid development of new generation vaccines and the increasing research carried out are opening new avenues for the vaccine adjuvants market. In addition, high amount of investment is also seen in this field boosting the market growth.

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Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Segmentation

The global vaccine adjuvant market is segmented into its route of administration, product type, application category, disease type, application and geography. On the basis of route of administration, the market is segregated into oral, intranasal, subcutaneous, intradermal and intramuscular administration. Based on product type, the market is divided into pathogen components, particulate adjuvants, adjuvant emulsions and combination adjuvants. Based on application category, the global market is divided into veterinary vaccine adjuvants and human vaccine adjuvants. Based on disease type, the market is classified into cancer and infectious diseases. On the basis of application, the division is seen as research applications and commercial applications. Diversification of the global vaccine adjuvant market is seen into regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Rest of the World.

Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Growth Factors

The global vaccine adjuvant market is a growing market. There are many factors contributing towards this growth such as increasing geriatric population, the high prevalence of infectious and zoonotic diseases, rising demand for safe and effective vaccine adjuvants and increasing government funding for research and development initiatives. Adjuvant for humans, particulate adjuvants, research application, infectious diseases segment and intramuscular segment are the major sectors of the market showing significant growth. However, there are certain restraining factors such as the cost of adjuvant development, failure of adjuvant development during production stage owing to factors such as stability, manufacturability, lack of effectiveness, unacceptable levels of tolerability, safety concerns and side effects of adjuvants that may restrict the global vaccine adjuvants market growth.

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Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Regional Analysis

The largest market share in the global vaccine adjuvant market is held by North America. This growth is mainly centered in countries such as the U.S. and Canada. The rising incidences of diseases in the North American countries and increasing geriatric population are the factors primarily driving the growth in the North American markets. Asia Pacific is expected to have the highest growth rate in the coming future. Japan, China, and India will be contributing towards the growth in Asia Pacific. Following the growth in Asia Pacific, will be regions such as Europe and Rest of the World. In the European region, ample share is provided by countries such as Germany and France. A significant contribution is seen to be coming from Brazil, South Africa, Middle Eastern regions as well.

Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Competitive Players

Some of the major companies in the global vaccine adjuvants market are Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc., Avanti Polar Lipids Inc., Novavax Inc., Agenus Inc., SEPPIC, CSL Limited, Invivogen, SPI Pharma Inc., MPV Technologies, Brenntag Biosector and OZ Biosciences.

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Global Vaccine Adjuvants Market: Regional Segment Analysis

North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
The Middle East and Africa