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Vacuum Lifter Market: In-Depth Market Research and Growth Report During 2016–2026

Vacuum lifters are used in the construction industry, automobile, oil and gas industries.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2017 -- Industrial products require special and specific care and handling to prevent any damage. This damage is primarily from external sources, such as scratching or rub marks. The risk of surface and edge damage increases if the product is improperly handled; this may be either due to transportation or due to manhandling. In order to safely transport and position heavy industrial products, vacuum lifters are used. Vacuum lifter is an equipment that utilizes vacuum to create a suction to lift heavy objects and materials. The use of vacuum lifters is not limited to glass; it is also used to efficiently handle materials such as stone, plastics, timber and laminate. Vacuum lifters are used in the construction industry, automobile, oil and gas industries.

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Vacuum Lifter Market: Drivers and Restraints

The varying demands of lifting capacities in the industry have called for the introduction of customizable attachments with different suction pressures. With advancements in the lifter technology, attachments are now designed in such a way that they are not limited to lifting straight and flat faced objects but can also strongly grasp spherical and curved surfaces. The current demand in the industry calls for the introduction of robust and easily maneuverable vacuum lifters that require less maintenance. The high demand for efficient handling vacuum system in cornucopia of industries is expected to drive the growth of the market for vacuum lifters. The market for vacuum lifters is likely to be motivated by the shifts in the manufacturing systems and their varied demands. With the rapid changes in the fields of infrastructure and construction, the application of vacuum lifters can be found in various areas, right from flooring to external structure such as glass buildings. There is also an emerging scope for the vacuum lifter market in the steel plates and precision products industries, wherein the product surface cannot be harmed and flexible movement and precision positioning is required. The availability of the vacuum lifter equipment at lower prices and high maintenance cost of the equipment act as restraints for the growth of the vacuum lifter market.

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Vacuum Lifter Market: Regional Outlook

With organized and increased automation of industries, the vacuum lifter market projects a strong positive outlook in the North America and Western Europe regions, followed by Asia Pacific, Latin America, Western Europe and the Middle East and Africa. During the forecast period, North America and Western Europe are expected to be the lucrative markets for vacuum lifters as compared to the rest of the world. This is attributed to the substantial increase in automation in various industries, especially construction, wherein the increase in Green (Glass) buildings calls for the introduction of advanced equipment that can work under extreme conditions. The vacuum lifter equipment is also widely employed in the automobile and oil and gas industries in the MEA and Asia Pacific regions which, thus, are also expected to be potential markets for vacuum lifters.

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Vacuum Lifter Market: Key players

The market for vacuum lifters is largely segmented and scattered with numerous players participating in the market, which vary from region to region. Among these, some of the most prominent players identified during our research are Schmalz, Aardwolf Group, GGR Group, Peter Hird and Sons Ltd, Wood's Powr-Grip, Co. Inc., ANVER Corp, TAWI AB, Viavac, Vacuworx International and Schmalz India Pvt. Ltd