Valentine Song of the Year Semi-Finalist, Tricia Greenwood Tells Love Story

Baby, You’re My Valentine Gives Permission To Make Your Own Video On Youtube


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Tricia Greenwood was honored as semi-finalist by Song of the Year with ”Baby, You’re My Valentine” you will tap your foot and sing along even though you've never heard the tune before, capturing the joy and romantic love for Valentines Day.

Her music video she made to “Baby, You’re My Valentine” on YouTube was for a couple, Shigeo and Madelyn Raye Kawamura where the filming took place on a mountaintop and a dance studio in Draper, Utah.

Greenwood said, “ I have known Shigeo Kawamura since his birth, I even gave him his first haircut, a silly memory I have is when he was 3 months old on a special occasion I was opening a bottle of wine after a women’s retreat in Monterey, CA with his mother Cheryl and mutual friends from church to celebrate our time together. When the cork popped out and made a loud noise, Shigeo found it quite funny and he laughed out loud which made us all laugh even before the wine.

"Twenty- one years later I stayed with Shigeo’s family in Draper, Utah to attend a wedding of a mutual friend and that’s when I met Madelyn, Shigeo’s lovely fiancé. I could see the love they felt for each other was beautiful and real, I learned she was a great dance instructor, that’s when the wheels of inspiration started to turn in my heart and I decided to make a video for them with my Valentine song."

"I wish people would make their own video to this song and post it on YouTube, since I have the rights to it and I'm giving my permission, it would be fun to see what people of all ages might create; perhaps, dressing up their pets to act out the lyrics in it would be hysterical, I would love to see what people would come up with as long as it’s rated G”.

Tricia’s songs are about complex things: love, family, loss and heaven, where phrases turn and emotions connect to warm the hearts of her dedicated fans.

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