Valgorect Gel Has Been Designed to Alleviate and Heal Hallux Valgus


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2017 -- Many people, mostly women, are experiencing the pain and discomfort of having bunions. The condition is called hallux valgus and is characterized by a bone growth that causes pain, especially when walking. Sometimes those same bunions do not get positively influenced by surgery or regular applications of pain relieving medicines. That is why along come new options for treating bunions, which are not associated with surgical intervention.

Valgorect LLC (an innovation-focused company that produces alternative products for well being), manufactured a product, intended to treat bunions. It is called Valgorect and it differs from the others of this kind, because it is designed in form of gel. Presently, the most popular methods for treating Hallux Valgus include cold compresses, warm oil massage, toe-stretching exercises, silicone protectors, and surgical correction for severe conditions. Manufacturing company has shared some of the ingredients on the official website and these are - filipendula formosa extract, cynodon dactylon extract, slix alba bark extract, alcanna tinctoria root extract, taraxacum officinale root extract and symphytum officinale root extract. This formula is supposed to soften the rough skin in the affected area, to reduce the inflammation, and to eliminate the pain and discomfort while walking.

Valgorect is packed in 75 ml tube, and if used according to the prescription, the quantity would be enough for two months usage. For those, who are willing to try an alternative method for alleviating the discomfort of bunions, the product can be ordered online on the official website of the producer.