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Valley to Mountain Top: Transformative New Book Offers Divine-Inspired 'Strategies' for Achieving Lasting Happiness

Researched and compiled by Dr. Al Jones, ‘Valley to Mountain Top’ cuts through hype and rhetoric to instead present readers with a faith-inspired ‘roadmap’ to achieving one’s full potential and happiness. Focusing on many of the potholes along life’s challenging highway, Dr. Jones empowers readers to form a new conceptualization of themselves, set bold new goals, and to release and deepen their faith in order to reach the mountain top, the desired human goal.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- There’s no denying that life’s journey is fraught with bumps, holes and sometimes downward spirals that can derail both plans and determination. While many struggle to integrate faith in times of adversity, a powerful and potentially life-changing new book presents a faith-inspired and definitive ‘roadmap’ to navigate life, even in bad times, so that one can gain the strength and courage to achieve lasting happiness.

‘Valley to Mountain Top’ by Dr. Al Jones is really a brief expose (please place an accent on the last “e” in the word expose) of human life as we all experience it. Both inspiring and thought-provoking, the book uses the analogy of reaching life’s ‘mountain top’ to help readers unlock the potential that has so far been latent and unacknowledged for a number of reasons.


You have probably noticed that life is an unavoidable journey with its smooth and rugged pathway breaking into a number of avenues. How does one make the choices that result in happiness and the fulfilment of one's potential? Find out in “Valley To Mountain Top”.

“If we want to reach this life-changing goal, we first have to change how we live our everyday lives,” says Dr. Jones, a veteran of the education sector. “We need to become the special people that God intended, and with His guidance, we can start out on a new path to reach our designed destination.”

Continuing, “It’s all about forming a new conceptualization of one’s life, adjusting goals and accepting God’s direction which is lovingly and wisely given. This process isn’t easy, but my book sets out inspired strategies to achieving success. You just need to read what I’ve written and make every effort to follow it. Your faith will grow as you make progress.”

Jones wrote the book to appeal to wide readership; “Both young and old will appreciate what I have to say. It’s a brief book that values clarity and therefore makes for easy reading. It is my desire to help as many people as possible to better their lives and to achieve the most worthwhile goals”

‘Valley to Mountain Top’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1vsxxTl.

About Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones is a former teacher, college tutor, Test Development Officer with the Caribbean Examinations Council and a consultant in Education. She has written a Spanish textbook for Caribbean students, professional manuals, research articles (one of which was published in the British Journal of Educational Research) and an inspirational book, “Reaching For Miracles”. For the past thirteen years she has written Bible Study Guides and led Bible Study groups.