ValleyBiggs, Experienced Website Brokerage Firm, Offers Business Intermediary Services to Middle Market Clients

This press release is to announce to readers that ValleyBiggs, experienced website brokerage firm, offers business intermediary services to middle market clients.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Experienced website brokerage firm, ValleyBiggs, offers business intermediary services to middle market clients in the tech, website and internet niche. They know how to maximize shareholder value and because they work with a huge network of professionals, they are able to provide their middle market clients with the best advisory services in the industry.

A representative of ValleyBiggs talked about their business intermediary services, "We have a team of experts and professionals in multiple segments that are helpful in bringing mid-market deals to fruition. These include tax, due diligence and accounting professionals; attorneys, post-sale transition and operational teams, and most importantly, a large network of banking, VC and private equity professionals that fund our deals. We are able to close over 95% of the deals we work on. This rate of success in this sector is truly unprecedented, and we take tremendous pride in that fact."

One of the Most Trusted M&A Firms in the Industry

As one of the most trusted M&A firms in the industry, ValleyBiggs provides their clients with a number of processes that hold the key to their success. Some of these include creating a professional marketing package for their client's business, activating marketing through a number of channels, diving deep into a client's company to best understand it and understanding and documenting the client's objectives, both pre and post-sale.

About Valley Biggs
ValleyBiggs is the preeminent Technology, Internet and Website M&A firm in the country. They represent the middle market in these niche sectors. The executive team behind Valley Biggs is well-positioned to maximize shareholder value and exceed expectations in the purchase or sale of a mid-market website or other digital company due to their decades of experience representing buyers and sellers of internet companies as well as owning and operating a number of web properties in the mid-market.

Contact Information:
Phone: (800) 980-4145