Valois Financial Group Overall Layout the Asia-Pacifc Market


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Asia and the Pacific region, which is short for the Asia and the Pacific Rim, account for about 1/3 of the world population, GDP and total trade volume accounted for in the proportion of the world is more than 50%, and this area is still the world’s fastest growing economy region. As the most dynamic and potential of the area, its importance of the position in the world economy becomes increasingly apparent.

In recent years, Citigroup, JP Morgan chase, Goldman Sachs, UBS and Allianz of Germany, the world's major institutions consortium make the Asia-Pacific region as their core strategy of the market. In the fiscal year 2013, the North American financial, real estate giant Valoisfinancial group finally coveted this battleground, the Asia-Pacific region, and with no doubt, Valois Group will give the region into a powerful vitality with its real estate and financial services.

For the Asia-Pacific market, Valois Group once conducted a long period of research and study, and had an optimistic expectation on its market prospects and selected the long-line layout. At the end of the year 2011, Valois Group purchased Korea, Malaysia plot. And Jeju Island, the Korea project belongs to the global migratory resort product line. Currently, the golf course is about to be put into use, and a Korean branch is setted up. Malaysia is one of the major Chineses settlement of the Southeast Asia, although the developing ideas and the creative of the products of the real estate market is under-developed compared with the internation level, but its market level is higher.

According to the U.S. “Bussiness Week” reported two years ago, the general managere of the Real Estate Bussiness Department Mr. Christion, Valois Fund CEO Henry, and special assistant to President Aaron Xu went to the Jeju Island, which is South Korea’s largest islands, afterwards, setting foot in South Korea became the first step on Valois Group’s expansion plan. Valois news spokesman once admitted that South Korea has its obvious advantages on tourist resort of products. For intance: like 7-year tax free; local educational resources can be shared with foreigners who had purchased house there; invest 500,000 US$ can obtain a green card and equal treatment like Korean citizen. Meanwhile, it also has a very good tourist resource. These polocies and the nature enviroment for the enterprise developing projects are valued conditions.

Recently, Valois Group and Russia Inteko company, Australia Stockland Group, signed the MOU (Memorandumm of understand) respectively, the total investment will reach US$350 million. They jointly develop the tourism projects in the Baltic Sea coastal areas in St. Petersburg, Australia Gold Coast in Brisbane. May, 2013, Valois Group located in northern suburb of Mumbai, India, the “Folk Star City” Project was officially lanched which is combined with shopping mall, hotel, tourism, entertainment facilities and exhibition hall. And Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia project is also in operation now.

China, as the largest developing country, is undoubtedlly the focus of the investment. Valois Group has started to make a strategic plan poining to China’s real estate market, and had actual, in-depth cooperation with some large Chinese enterprises. Numerous implementing projects formally opened the trip that the Valois Group is entering into the Asia-Pacific region, and it also indicates deeper and wider communication and cooperation with the enterprises in this region.

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