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Valuable Holiday Gifts Often Require Homeowners Insurance Policy Adjustment


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2012 -- If Santa tucked a new pair of diamond earrings into the stocking last year, then it is time to adjust the home insurance policy to make sure new valuables are covered.

“A holiday gift with monetary value needs to be added to the insurance policy in case of a catastrophic event,” said Lee Rogers of the Florida Insurance Group. “People often overlook the valuables they bring into the home.”

That means new jewelry, new electronics or artwork all need to be catalogued and added to the insurance policy. Rogers recommends keeping the receipts for newly purchased items to help keep track of the values. He also suggests adding heirloom items that grandma may have given out as everyone gathered at her house during the holidays.

“If grandma gave you grandpa’s cufflinks or a valuable old watch, those things can be significant and you will want to add them to the policy,” Rogers said. “Sometimes it doesn’t seem like much, but added together heirloom jewelry and artwork can have tangible value.”

A wider variety of catastrophes can threaten the electronics in the home. A fire or flood can create havoc, but an electrical storm can do major damage, too. “High-end electronics often get overlooked when updating insurance policies,” Rogers said. “People put a projector up in the ceiling that drops down to create a movie theatre in the family’s ‘man cave.’ Those are cool to have, but it is smart to get it insured, too.”

It is important to remember to adjust the policy as soon as the gifts are brought home to make sure coverage is sufficient, Rogers said.

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