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Niles, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Have you heard of State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, or Geico? You'll know the names. It's not news that these direct captive agent insurance companies spend billions of dollars on cutesy, attention getting commercials and advertising. That's not the problem!

So, what is the problem for insurance buyers? It's what these companies have done to insurance policy contracts, which is starting to shed light on the insurance industry. In order to compete for customer’s premium dollars, they lower the prices, but fail to let you know that they are reducing benefits and claims when they do. It's a thread for all of captive direct, big company competition. It happens behind the scenes where consumers are not told what is removed. That is the real problem. They have all stripped out coverage and benefits in order to compete and make larger profits. Unless you are the 'rare' individual that reads your insurance policy, you'll never know what these companies have done to you and how this may impact your family's financial risk! You may never know. Not until you have a claim. Then it's too late. Here are just two of the things that these companies have done to you:

1) They have all limited and reduced the Guaranteed Replacement cost definitions, as well as placed a 'cap' limitation for the rebuilding of your home.

2) Do you own Jewelry, Watches, Furs? If you schedule them you're in for another big surprise when you put in a claim. By their definition you'll have to take the replacement item they tell you to take and not a check for what your appraised value is.

Don't expect the direct writer captive agent to tell you about these shortcomings that most likely affect you financially. After all, why would they? They can only sell for one company. They can't offer you an alternative or better choices than what they have.

But we can! We are your independent insurance broker. We represent your best interest with literally dozens of companies to choose. We tailor a policy to your needs. Best of all, we have access to numerous discounts so you may end up saving money for a better policy contract. Often times our agency will not just increase benefits but we will do it for lower premiums with a well-known company rated as better than the companies already mentioned. There's one way to prove it. CALL US!

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