Vamos Spanish Academy

Vamos Spanish Academy Launches New Classes for Those Wanting to Learn Spanish

The classes are accompanied by social activites to ensure individuals get the most from their Spanish training, reports


Buenos Aires, Argentina -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- According to, the Spanish language boasts 329 million native speakers, making it the second most common language in the world, trailing behind Chinese. For this reason, many individuals opt to learn this language as part of their personal development. Those who do so find they can converse with individuals around the globe easily. In fact, more people now speak Spanish than English worldwide, making it essential for numerous to comprehend this language. Located in Buenos Aires, Vamos Spanish Academy ( offers classes of this type, along with many other features that make this facility unique.

"Vamos Spanish Academy announces they are now considered one of the most prestigious Spanish schools in the country according to TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Buenos Aires offers numerous Spanish school and all are very competitive, offering good prices and quality classes, yet Vamos Spanish Academy stands out in that it offers accommodation options for students, extracurricular activities and more, to ensure each student gets the real Argentine cultural immersion experience," Ingrid So, spokesperson for Vamos Spanish Academy, announces.

Classes teach students how to read, write, speak and understand Spanish and include a maximum of six students, ensuring each participant gets the individual attention they need. Classes are structured around the needs of the students and the number in the class, and the curriculum may be adjusted to meet the needs of those taking part. Conversation and games make learning grammar and vocabulary easy, and all include information on local customs and current affairs. Students find the classes allow them to mingle with the locals easily, as they are so comprehensive.

"Students undergo a written test and oral exam to determine their grasp of the language, as this allows the academic director to assess the language abilities of each student. Participants are then placed in a class with others of similar abilities to ensure students understand the concepts being explained and don't waste their time going over things they already know," Ingrid So continues.

In addition, students receive the opportunity to take part in social activities, including workshops and events. Some choose to attend festivals or street fairs in the area, yet others prefer to take part in dance lessons or try local restaurants. Cultural workshops come with the classes, allowing students to learn more about local public transportation, the National Infusion of Argentina, native gestures and more.

"Vamos Spanish Academy wants participants to feel as if they truly know the language and all it entails and offers these extra activities to ensure this is the case. Contact us today to learn more about our classes, social activities, accommodations and more. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to learn Spanish, and former students will tell you we succeed in every way," Ingrid So states.

About Vamos Spanish Academy
Vamos Spanish Academy is a Spanish school located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in Latin America. The academy offers various types of Spanish courses, like intensive group courses, one on one private lessons, a Spanish crash course for busy travelers and more. In addition, the school offers home stay accommodation, student resident accommodation, luxury private apartments and additional options. The school organizes social and cultural activities, some free and some paid, including a weekly outing to restaurants or eating establishments. Furthermore, the school also organizes events such as a Mendoza wine tour or a trip to Iguazu to see the falls.