Vanan Voice Vies for Market Supremacy with Better Services and Features

Vanan Voice, a leading provider in the voice over service market is poised to become a bigger entity with a combination of a wide range of services and more improved client-centric features including competitive rates and ease of file upload.


Tamil Nadu, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2014 -- With just more than a year under their belt, Vanan Voice has proven that they can contend with competitors in the voice over services niche. The company is now one of the leading service providers in the industry and is poised to make yet another move to the top with a more extensive range of services. Interested parties can test drive the company's new range of services as VananVoice.Com offers a 100% money back guarantee. By uploading a script a FREE quote can be received instantly.

Wide Range oOf Services

The following voice over services' are provided:

1. E-Learning Voice Over- The massive popularity of technology being used for educational purposes has opened the door for plenty of opportunities for content producers. Production of said videos entails the need for top-notch voice over service. Vanan Voice offering this service makes life easier for producers of aforementioned content.

2. VideoGames Voice Over- The gaming industry is now invading mobile devices from smart phones to tablets. It has resulted in the game development boom that is yet to slow down.

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Companies needing IVR voice over to guide callers through an automated system can get Vanan Voice's voice over talents to do the job for them. Vanan can provide female or male voice over services.

4. Video Voice Over- Videos used for marketing and other purposes that need professional voice recording can get it done by Vanan Voice.

5. Radio Voice Over- Advertising on radio stations require voice over services, Vanan Voice provide them too. The service provider can produce high quality voice over for podcast intros, jingles, promos, and radio station imaging.

6. Translation Services- Vanan Voice offers voice over services in 50+ languages. They have a lineup of professional native speakers that can provider top-notch voice overs.

Our Market Leading Service Features

Becoming a market leader is no easy feat. Vanan secured their position with a combination of customer-centric features.

1. 100% Money back guarantee. 15-day money back guarantee if customer is not satisfied. No questions asked.

2. Accept rush and super rush orders. Vanan Voice also provides bulk order offers.

3. 24/7 services with Live Chat option. Toll free numbers for the United States (1-866-200-5406), United Kingdom (08-082-380-078), and Australia (1-800-357-380).

4. Hassle-free start-to-end process. Clients only need to upload files to get a free quote. Payment can be made online, and the audio/video file would be sent via email upon completion.

Perfect Combination

The perfect combination of the abovementioned features and offered services has made Vanan Voice one of the most trusted names in the voice over services market. With a roster of professional voice over talents from around the world, the company is in the perfect position to provide what audio and video content producers need.

Vanan Voice
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