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Vanguard Business Services Announces Free Consultations to Honor Communication Month

Company fosters improvements in small business by providing administrative services


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- According to a recent survey among small business owners, adept communication skills are the number one quality employers expect from their staff members; likewise, consumers rank effective communication as the second most important attribute of companies they are doing business with, outweighed only by patience. In honor of this progressively more difficult aspect of the business world, June has been deemed National Effective Communications Month.

Well aware of the impact communication has on both facets of business, David Parker, founder of Vanguard Business Services, has announced the company will be celebrating this event by offering free no obligation consultations to business owners regarding what they have to offer. Parker explained, "Tasks such as payroll and bookkeeping place a great deal of strain on business owners. We reduce this burden by providing administrative services, so our clients have more time to focus on communication with their employees, vendors and customers."

Research indicates the average business owner who performs his own administrative functions spends approximately 7 hours each week on general bookkeeping as well as an additional 2 hours on payroll. Combined, these efforts consume an entire work day per week. Business owners in this situation also face the challenges of ensuring correct income tax withholdings and other deductions along with compilation of numerous reports for both private and governmental use.

As the core of a company, employees depend on correct and timely income receipt to the same extent employers depend on their staff to keep the company operational. Failure to meet income deadlines can drastically weaken morale, which negatively impacts performance and leads to a breakdown in communication between employees and business owners as well as between a business and its customers. Inadequate bookkeeping is a precursor to improper budgeting, inability to detect problematic spending, possible hefty fines and, ultimately, complete failure of the company.

By outsourcing these demands to the professionals at Vanguard Business Services, business owners are prompting a series of positive measures in increasing profitability and fostering the success of their company. The staff of Vanguard assumes the responsibility of these complex and time consuming duties, eliminating the fear of calculation and filing errors as well as the accompanying repercussions while allowing clients the freedom to grow and improve their businesses.

Concluded Parker, "In addition to payroll and bookkeeping, we also offer human resources and virtual administration assistance as well as training and website design. These are all vital aspects in the success of a business, and by providing services in these areas, we give business owners the opportunity to concentrate on improving upon key points of their business operations. Our complimentary consultations could be the first step in a partnership that benefits everyone involved with our clients' companies. Those interested in a consultation will find contact information on our website,"

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