eVapors LLC

Vape Wrap Creators eVapors Continue to Amaze Customers with Colorful Creations

Miami Based Company Offers Unique Designs Flush with Vibrant Colors, Appealing Patterns, and Eye-Catching Art


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2016 -- When a new trend spreads like wildfire, oftentimes people forget the origin point. New words, new products, and new clothing come on to the scene overnight, and an enormous amount of early adopters fail to recognize who did it first. This is precisely the story for eVapors, a Miami based vape company who first offered battery wraps to vapers everywhere. Now in their third year of business, the company continues to grow and evolve, and their wraps are as eye-catching as ever.

Since 2013, eVapors has made an impressive impact on the industry, and their success indicative of a company that knows their identity in the marketplace. The brand prides itself on being honest about what the sell, and sets themselves apart from other vape stores with a huge selection of liquids – including a wide variety of brands and delicious flavors. Their brick and mortar store is augmented by an online store that caters to customers all across the country.

The battery wraps feature an impressive array of colors, designs, and odes to pop culture. Vapers can choose from the most esoteric designs to household names such as Star Wars, Marvel characters, and even Pokemon. The wraps range from simple layouts with just one bold color, to more intricate creations replete with layers that appeal to numerous audiences.

"We knew that there was a market for these unique battery wraps the moment we initially concocted the idea for them," explained owner and founder of eVapors Esther Cabado. She continued, saying "Vapers are like anyone – they love to customize their device and give it that little bit of personal flair that says 'this is mine,' and decking out the battery does exactly that. We have a vast collection of designs, and are constantly on the lookout for new imagery and fresh concepts."

About eVapors
eVapors LLC™ began in 2013, with the mission to not only be a vape shop, but a company constantly promoting a higher lifestyle and education in the ever-growing vaping industry. Their one-stop shop is designed to encourage customer creativity and inspire others to express themselves fully. By making vaping relevant to the current trends and merging it into the daily lives of customers, they seek to promote compliance and a smooth transition to finding an effective alternative to smoking.